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tinita hi, I have a question. where does rakudo put the precompiled script? if I call a script for a second time, it is faster, but I can't find the place where it's cached 00:18
I'm asking also because there seems to be no precompiling if I call a script belonging to root as a normal user 00:19
tobs tinita: I have a .perl6/precomp in my home dir but I don't know more about what's happening. 00:26
tinita tobs: ah, hm
jnthn tinita: It depends if it's an installed module (in which case it's at the module installation location) or with -Ilib or `use lib`, in which case it's a .precomp/ directory at that location 00:27
tinita I'm running this in docker where I don't have a regular user, I'm running it with --user $UID
but I did `export HOME=/home/tmp; mkdir $HOME` and it still didn't precompile
jnthn: huh, ok. it's an installed module. the problem is I have no write permission for anything except my homedir, because I want to run docker as non-root 00:28
is there a way to influence the .precomp dir? 00:29
maybe during building rakudo?
jnthn Hmm...it should do the precompilation at module installation time though 00:37
Which I guess would happen during the container build 00:38
I think if you put RAKUDO_MODULE_DEBUG=1 in the environment it may give some clues (or is it MODULES...I forget) 00:39
tinita ok, thanks!
this is the script I use for installing modules
jnthn Hmm
--install-to=/build/perl6 00:40
I think I'd expect it to precomp then and put 'em in a .precomp/ under there
tinita yes, there is a /perl6/precomp/ there (which is copied from /build/perl6) 00:41
jnthn But now I wonder if it's really the installed things it's precompiling, or non-installed modules of the application?
tinita this is the script: github.com/perlpunk/yaml-runtimes/...mlish-json
I put this into /yaml/bin/raku-yamlish-json
jnthn Aha
use lib "/lib";
tinita oops 00:42
jnthn So it'll be trying to write to /lib/.precomp
But...I don't think you need the `use lib` line at all?
Since the two modules being used are installed
tinita but the target location is /perl6
should I do `use lib "/perl6"? 00:43
jnthn Why are you doing `use lib` at all?
Oh, 'cus a non-standard install location maybe...
But since it isn't pointing at it, if the thing works, well...probably it's not needed 00:44
Does it work without it?
tinita yeah, but then I changed the directory.
I should note that I have this in ENV: PERL6LIB=inst#/perl6
so that's why it works =)
jnthn Aha 00:45
Then you can just drop the `use lib`
tinita ok, i'll try and see if it works then also as non-root, thanks!
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tinita hm, it put something into /perl6/precomp/, but running the script as a user still doesn't use the cache 00:51
aaah 00:55
The install location is different from the final location in docker :-/ 00:56
it's built in one docker via mount in /build/perl6, but then copied to the second docker to /perl6
stoned75 is whateverable's xbin/build.p6 still relevant ? 00:57
tinita so the cache doesn't recognize it
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SmokeMachine I'm trying to run the red-bot on a docker swarm cluster, and the generated random name of the container was: `clever_perlman.1` I think it's a good luck sign... :P 02:49
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xinming_ oops, bots' net died 07:14
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Geth doc: a0fea36a2d | threadless-screw++ | 2 files
Text refinement; closes: #2920
doc: 980235f0ae | threadless-screw++ | doc/Language/101-basics.pod6
Deletion of "so"
doc: 116ccf6b1d | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #3142 from threadless-screw/assignments

P6-101 text refinement + expansion of assignment operators section; closes: #2920
doc: f94c3daf04 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/QuantHash.pod6
Review and edits while checking #2632
doc: 4738bad7e9 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/setbagmix.pod6
Minor editions to reflect new set semantics refs #2632

Also some reflow.
doc: dfa828c7f8 | (JJ Merelo)++ | 3 files
Eliminates examples with set_precedes operators refs #2632
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AlexDaniel stoned75: yes 10:04
stoned75: why do you ask? :)
xinming_: it's actually not the net dying, the story behind it is quite interesting 10:05
xinming_: basically… it's a watchdog that gets triggered when people are not speaking for a long time
I should fix that :) 10:06
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stoned75 AlexDaniel: hi. Hum... I can't recall :-} it was late last night, I was trying to use it to generate a set of container images to have my own offline, containerized, Committable 11:04
AlexDaniel stoned75: you can fetch the builds instead of wasting your cpu cycles :) github.com/perl6/whateverable/wiki/Shareable 11:05
throw them into your container and it will probably work (?)
stoned75 how nice !
ah yes. I remember now. whateverable/xbin/build.p6 and rakudo/Configure.pl --git-reference interaction seems to be broken. I had the understanding that now git-reference option is a noop for rakudo's Configure.pl and that current whateverable's build.p6's git clones layout breaks older rakudo's Configure.pl --git-reference assumption 11:10
AlexDaniel hmmm
stoned75: ohhh yes
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AlexDaniel stoned75: what if you tweak these? github.com/perl6/whateverable/blob...p6#L33-L36 11:11
so that you're only building the new stuff
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stoned75 yes of course that would work. but as I wanted to build old release, I ended up tweaking RAKUDO-NQP-LATEST to take advantage of git-reference 11:13
oh, and as I was building in containers too, where I initially forgot to install zstd, I encountered a kind of silent compression step error ;-) 11:15
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AlexDaniel stoned75: :) 11:20
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AlexDaniel stoned75: it's a downside of having a centralized tool, I guess 11:20
“it works for me” :)
stoned75 sure :) 11:21
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Geth doc: 21e6301c41 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | assets/js/main.js
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  ... by unescaped newline in string
doc: dca1c790c6 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | assets/js/main.js
Update IRC channel name to #raku in link's content
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holyghost I am going to code a video server using perl6 with use of pagan, it's on Xliff's server 15:14
the meaning is to serve TV using a dumb blitter and then put an AI in using video code 15:15
pagfan is the dumb litter
You can attract a video stream using an AI, to serve, using chaos theory. Which still is a research topic. 15:24
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holyghost I finished my "chaos : a statistical theory" book 15:25
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holyghost I went with my code from a PowerPC to an i5 though 15:29
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lizmat .tell holyghost it's called Raku nowadays :-) 18:05
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to holyghost
shred_alert Btw, Raku is called Perl 6 on Rosetta still. 18:07
Dunno who's in charge of changing that
chloekek Also on glot.io 18:09
And it’s a very old Rakudo too :P
kiwi_7 no raku on glot.io, only perl6 v2018.04.1 18:15
no raku on tio.run, only perl6 v2018.12 18:16
both raku and perl6 on repl.it, v2019.03.1 18:17
(but not listed at repl.it, you have to know/enter the URL: repl.it/languages/raku 18:18
perryprog shred_alert, check out rosettacode.org/wiki/Category:Raku 18:21
Seems like they don't plan on changing it.
"In particular, here on Rosetta Code essentially all tasks are currently listed under Perl 6, and there are no immediate plans to change this." 18:22
shred_alert :( saed 18:24
thundergnat I am an admin on Rosettacode. We have been holing off on doing a mass rename until there are a few Raku releases out so all (most) of the problems have been shaken out. Also, there are some 1145 pages that will need editing... Not looking forward to that. :-(
perryprog Not to mention, what's the whole deal with image uploading?
Is short circuit still MIA?
thundergnat Mike Mol is very scarce for the past few years. 18:25
shred_alert @thungergnat what do you mean by "editing"?
perryprog Hm, yeah. Last contrib was 2018 March
thundergnat He disabled image uploading as there were some with malicious code embedded and hasn't gotten around to implementing the advanced filtering or whatever he had planned. 18:26
perryprog Oh that's fun. 18:27
thundergnat shred_alert: Every page that has a Perl 6 entry will need to be somewhat manually edited to do the rename. (The tasks are not automatically alphabetically sorted.)
perryprog Well anyway, cheers for helping out on there o7; RC has been a great resource for learning for me, and I'm sure many other people as well. 18:28
thundergnat So, rename, edit all mentions of Perl 6 then move to the correct position in the page. 1150 times....
shred_alert Most times I've said Raku(do) people react pretty well to the language. Saying Perl 6 doesn't go nearly as well. 18:30
It's dumb but that's just how it's been for me :/ 18:31
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perryprog Oh, how is Raku pronounced? Is it RA-KOO? (e.g. in enPR, räko͞o or in IPA, /rɑku/) 18:39
That's how I've been saying it in my head, but I've never heard anyone actually say it out loud 18:40
Altai-man_ perryprog, "r" as in "right", "a" as in "archer", "k" as in "cat", "u" as "oo". 18:41
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thundergnat By the way, if there is anyone about that is familiar with cro services, and has a small amount of time, I would appreciate you taking a look at rosettacode.org/wiki/URL_shortener#Perl_6 and make sure I didn't do anything incredibly stupid. 18:51
It's my first attempt a using cro and I probably made some poor choices / assumptions.
As it's a fairly heavily viewed site, I'd like to make sure I haven't messed things up too bad. (nine?, jnthn? anyone>)
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Altai-man_ thundergnat, why not make $urlfile IO::Path and save `.IO` calls? 18:55
thundergnat hmm. Good point
Altai-man_ also it is matter of taste, of course, but spurt/slurp are much nicer when used as subs... (at least in my taste, ok, admitting that)
thundergnat, :host($host) can be written as just `:$host`, the same with port 18:57
not sure if we need such a golf, of course
is there really a need to introduce `retrieve` sub? 18:58
thundergnat Hey, while I'm tweaking things, may as well make it idiomatic.
Altai-man_ thundergnat, why do you need to store `index` if it isn't used anywhere?
ah, stop, I am a dummy 18:59
thundergnat <retrieve> Possibly not, that was left from many iterations of trying things that didn't work.
Altai-man_ cro usage looks fine 19:00
also, this ??!! in `get -> $short` can be written as... 19:01
`with %urls<url>{$short} { redirect :permanent, $_ } else { not-found }`
add newlines matching your taste, of course 19:02
no odd parens and looks more readable
or maybe
with %urls<url>{$short} -> $link { redirect $link... } else ...
to clarify
thundergnat, hope that helps. respect for writing those examples! 19:03
thundergnat Sorry if I'm slow to respond, I'm editing in another window,
Thanks, for the pointers! 19:04
Altai-man_ no problem, you are welcome. :) 19:05
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perryprog Altai-man_, thank you. 19:10
raiph Hi all 19:12
Is there a way to install a module version with zef that isn't the latest?
jmerelo hey, raiph
tellable6 hey jmerelo, you have a message: gist.github.com/b8b3cd48494fabb83a...a559f06fa2
raiph Hi jj :) 19:13
jmerelo raiph: I want to say yes. Very likely, but the syntax escapes me
raiph For example. JSON::Fast. I want to install 0.9.7 instead of the latest, 0.10. 19:14
Altai-man_ raiph, have you tried e.g. Foo:ver<foo>?
raiph When I run zef install JSON::Fast:ver<0.9.7> I get these results: 19:15
jmerelo .tell uzl[m] possibly "cruce", at least if we look at the railway or motorway sense. In a mechanical or electronical sense, juntura or unión
tellable6 jmerelo, I'll pass your message to uzl[m]
jmerelo raiph: the problem is that, even if there's a way to specify that, there's no way to actually download it from the ecosystem. If it's in CPAN, it might, but I'm not sure either. 19:16
raiph jj: it's not that simple, gimme a mo 19:17
jmerelo raiph: it's never that simple. It's possible that, if there's a copy in the local cache, you can install that one using zef. But definitely impossible for those in the ecosystem, unless all versions are specified. 19:18
raiph: I mean specified in the META.list file. 19:20
raiph Heh. You just answer the question I had ("what do u mean by...") :)
So I think you're saying the following is what you've experienced: 19:21
uzl[m] m: say Dateish.new(:year<2016>);
camelia Cannot call Dateish.new with these named parameters: year
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
uzl[m] m: say DateTime.new(:year<2016>);
camelia 2016-01-01T00:00:00Z 19:22
jmerelo uzl[m]: answered above. Would say that the correct words is "unión", in the context.
uzl[m] Given that roles can be punned, why can't I instatiate the role Dateish?
raiph Uploaded file: uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/e8986d83...pasted.txt 19:23
uzl[m] jmerelo: Oh, great. Thanks, JJ!
jmerelo raiph: you hae probably seen this, right? github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/72
raiph: you can do that if it's in CPAN. You can't if it's in GitHub 19:24
raiph JJ: nope, that's the ticket, many thanks
jmerelo raiph: also, isn't two different versions listed there? Its identiti says 0.10, but the installed version is 0.9.7? 19:25
raiph: so what's it's actually doing is picking up version 0.10 and installing it as 0.9.7? Is that so? 19:26
raiph jmerelo: Indeed, that's what it says. I don't know what it means.
I'll investigate a bit more. I wanted to ask before investing more time. 19:28
jmerelo raiph: good luck. And great to see you around. Happy new year. 19:29
raiph jmerelo: Thanks for the info and filing the issue. Happy 2020s.
jmerelo raiph++
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i_understand_now Hi. I understand now. "cpanm" is for installing a package (or library) on the system, while "carton" is for manage package (or library) dependancy of a project. 20:41
It's that, or not ?
sena_kun i_understand_now, do you want #perl channel or #raku channel?
i_understand_now sena_kun both 20:42
sena_kun i_understand_now, well... raku is a different language compared to perl (5), so cpanm and carton are not really related to it
i_understand_now sena_kun I'm sorry 20:43
The fact is that a lot of raku developper are experienced perl developer
sena_kun no problem, just saying you'll probably have a better luck asking at #perl. there are indeed some perl devs around. 20:44
i_understand_now OK. Thanks 20:46
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stoned75 m: say Str 21:10
camelia (Str)
stoned75 m: say Cool
camelia (Cool)
stoned75 eval: say Cool
evalable6 (Cool)
stoned75 ah, the repl can give surprising result 21:12
eval \(Str: 1); say Str 21:18
eval: \(Str: 1); say Str
evalable6 Label<Str>(at /tmp/F9nnRBNltf:1, '03\(08⏏04Str03: 1); say Str')
stoned75 eval: Str: 1; say Str 21:19
evalable6 WARNINGS for /tmp/8wjPv_GXdR:
Label<Str>(at /tmp/8wjPv_GXdR:1, '0308⏏04Str03: 1; say Str')
Useless use of constant integer 1 in sink context (line 1)
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SmokeMachine AlexDaniel`: What mean `▬▬▶ _ ❚⚠❚ : ERROR Closing Link: ************` on Whateverable with DEBUGGABLE=1? 21:28
AlexDaniel`: what about `▬▬▶ _ :hitchcock.freenode.net 461 * PASS Not enough parameters`?
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Geth doc: 670a4df327 | Coke++ | doc/Language/operators.pod6
remove duplicate word
doc: f9d79000cc | Coke++ | doc/Language/community.pod6
doc: 41c2ca512b | Coke++ | doc/Language/operators.pod6
semicolons required
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AlexDaniel SmokeMachine: that's something about IRC itself 22:29
SmokeMachine: I think you trying to identify with an empty password or something like that
raiph thundergnat: ($urlfile.IO.e and $urlfile.IO.f and $urlfile.IO.s) can be written ( $urlfile.IO ~~ :e & :f & :s ) or ( $urlfile.IO ~~ (:e :f :s) .all ) 22:30
SmokeMachine AlexDaniel: but why it works on my machine but it doesn't on aws?
AlexDaniel SmokeMachine: different settings?
SmokeMachine: password is not set?
SmokeMachine same container...
AlexDaniel hmm
SmokeMachine should I open any specific port?
AlexDaniel SmokeMachine: I don't know
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SmokeMachine AlexDaniel: I think you are right about the password: `▬▬▶ _ :barjavel.freenode.net NOTICE redabletest *** Notice -- You need to identify via SASL to use this server` 22:35
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SmokeMachine AlexDaniel: when I run `docker service create --secret=github_token --name=red-bot fernandocorrea/red-bot-run` on my machine, it works... when I run the same command connected to my aws docker cluster (of 1 node) it doesn't work... 22:46
red: say "OK" 22:48
redable SmokeMachine,
SmokeMachine :(
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jdv79 what does "Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull)" mean exactly? 23:53
pretty sure the objects i built were not Null...
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