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SmokeMachine m: say Supplier.new.Supply.zip: Supplier.new.Supply xx 3 04:11
camelia Can only use zip to combine defined Supply objects
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
SmokeMachine it seems to be a bug for me...
say Supply.from-list(^10).zip: Supply.from-list(^5) xx 3 04:13
m: say Supply.from-list(^10).zip: Supply.from-list(^5) xx 3
camelia Can only use zip to combine defined Supply objects
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Color::Scheme (1.001002) by 03HOLLI 06:05
New module released to CPAN! Color::Scheme (1.001003) by 03HOLLI 06:19
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Geth doc/master: 4 commits pushed by (Sterling Hanenkamp)++, (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ 08:19
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Geth doc: aded2f0df0 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/nativecall.pod6
Minor rephrasing
doc: a4b79266f7 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Signature.pod6
Comments about True and False in signature literals, refs #2632
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Geth doc: ee3d9c2f89 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | type-graph.txt
Add missing type
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rypervenche No one answered chrsteel's question and I'm curious as to the answer. He wanted to know why this doesn't work: my $x = "ho raku!"; $x .= tc.subst(/o/,"i"); say $x; 13:13
sena_kun I am not a pro, but... 13:16
bisectable6: my $x = "ho raku!"; $x .= subst(/o/,"i").tc; say $x; 13:19
bisectable6 sena_kun, On both starting points (old=2015.12 new=06db4c2) the exit code is 0 and the output is identical as well
sena_kun, Output on both points: «hi raku!␤»
sena_kun m: my $x = "ho raku!"; $x .= tc.subst(/o/,"i"); say $x;
camelia Ho raku!
sena_kun m: my $x = "ho raku!"; $x .= subst(/o/,"i").tc; say $x
camelia hi raku!
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lizmat I think the problem is more general: 13:24
sena_kun ok, my hypothesis was correct
it's precedence
lizmat m: my $a = 42; $a.= Str.Int; dd $a # should have been an int
camelia Str $a = "42"
sena_kun m: my $x = "ho raku!"; say $x .= subst(/o/,"i").tc; say $x;
camelia Hi raku!
hi raku!
lizmat m: my $a = 42; dd $a.= Str.Int; dd $a # aaah, precedence 13:25
camelia 42
Str $a = "42"
sena_kun it seems like it is executed like `($x .= subst(/o/,"i")).tc` (and .tc result is sunk), instead of
lizmat definitely worth an issue, I would say... as this is a bit of a WAT to me
sena_kun I thought about that when saw that the result is changing if you are swapping the methods, but was not really sure and decided to look at it a bit more carefully not to embarass myself... 13:26
I am not sure about that (not as the language designer, of course)
judging by bisectable6 it has been here since forever
and raku is not haskell to point-free things, really
lizmat well... a .= foo is intended to be the equivalent of a = a.foo 13:28
m: my $a = 42; $a = $a.Str.Int; dd $a # this is correct
camelia Int $a = 42
sena_kun imho the .= is super cool sometimes, but when you want to chain, you chain it
lizmat: docs says "they are equivalent except for precedence" though. :)
lizmat ok, so it is a trap 13:29
m: my $a = 42; $a.= Str.=Int; dd $a
camelia Int $a = 42
lizmat hmmm
I wonder why the difference of precedence is there 13:30
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Geth doc: Kaiepi++ created pull request #3168:
Proofread IO::Socket::Async::ListenSocket docs and pass make xtest
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Kaiepi releasable6, status 13:53
releasable6 Kaiepi, Next release will happen when it's ready. 1 blocker. 0 out of 490 commits logged
Kaiepi, Details: gist.github.com/db7059aac18486ead0...f9db34dff8
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Geth ¦ doc: taboege self-assigned NativeCall and manually creating C strings github.com/Raku/doc/issues/3169 14:13
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Geth whateverable: fd496744fd | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ | lib/Whateverable/Output.pm6
Add missing .encode

Resolves #372.
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rypervenche So I've learned that I can automatically have short and long options available to me by adding a parameter to MAIN like Int :l(:$length), however the short -l form only works if I use an equals sign, like -l=32 . Is there a way (built-in) to have it allow a space instead of an equals sign? 15:18
lizmat rypervenche : not at the moment 15:20
rypervenche Ok, thanks.
lizmat rypervenche but there is modules.raku.org/dist/Getopt::Long:cpan:LEONT
rypervenche That'll work. I'll need to get used to the idea of using modules for things if I want to get the most out of this language. 15:24
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rypervenche Does anyone else have an issue with vim-raku not seeing a .raku file as filetype=raku ? I've noticed that if my shebang has #!/usr/bin/env perl6 it works, however #!/usr/bin/env raku does not. It sets the filetype to conf instead. Just curious before I file an issue. 15:37
AlexDaniel rypervenche: are you using this version? github.com/Raku/vim-raku 15:48
rypervenche AlexDaniel: I am, yes. 15:49
I'm using vim 8's plugin system, so I've cloned it into ~/.vim/pack/my-plugins/start/ . It does the syntax highlighting if I manually run ":set ft=raku" while the file is opened, but not automatically. 15:50
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eiro rypervenche: i check it 16:23
uzl[m] rypervenche: I'm having the same problem with vim-raku so it might be worth filing an issue. 16:26
rypervenche All right, will do. Thanks.
eiro rypervenche: please do: i'm preparing the patch 16:28
rypervenche: patch is ready 16:30
hmm ... i wonder: in gh, what is the good way to say "this patch is an attempt to close issue xxx" ? 16:31
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lizmat eiro make the PR, use the URL for the issue in the text, GH will make it a correct link 16:32
rypervenche eiro: Done: github.com/Raku/vim-raku/issues/10 16:33
eiro lizmat: o 16:34
more questions: 16:35
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eiro * i should also test the shebang 16:36
* what is the file extension for modules ?
* is there other cases to test?
lizmat .pm6 .pm .rakumod
.p6 .raku I'd say 16:37
eiro * should i create more than 1 pr because i fix more than expected ?
rypervenche The module supports these: .pm6,.pm,.raku,.rakutest,.t6
We might want to add .rakumod to the list as well. 16:38
lizmat yeah, if you test for the other, .rakumod should be in there as well 16:39
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eiro github.com/Raku/vim-raku/pull/11 16:48
grmbl ... misseed p6
lizmat eiro: and .rakumod :-) 16:49
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eiro fixed 16:51
uzl[m] eiro: For all the extensions: github.com/Raku/problem-solving/bl...extensions 16:52
stoned75 fwiw I use autocmd BufEnter,BufNew,BufNewFile,BufRead *.raku,*.rakudoc,*.rakutest,*.pl6,*.pm6,*.p6,*.t6 setf raku
eiro should i add pl6 too ? 16:53
hmm ... BufEnter,BufNew could be nice too: i'll see in official ftdetect 16:54
stoned75 and in my vimrc I also add *.pod6 ... as used in Raku/doc ;) 16:55
lizmat eiro: never seen .pl6 in the wild 16:56
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eiro ok so pod6 is a good idea :) let's keep pl6 aside ? 16:58
stoned75 I admit I only had thrown in to my own version as it is mentioned in vim-raku/README.md 17:00
eiro also: i wonder why BufEnter,BufNew 'cause BufNewFile,BufRead already handled it 17:01
but what if i start with an empty buffer and then :w foo.raku?
i test it
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eiro stoned75 are you agree there is no need of BufEnter,BufNew ? 17:05
(if so, i'll push)
stoned75 eiro: for me, without BufEnter, a command like 'vim foo.raku' does not result in the syntax being set
but well, my vimfu is very weak :-} 17:06
eiro stoned75: thanks for reporting. i test with an empty .vimrc 17:07
stoned75 de rien ;-) 17:08
eiro (maybe i have some raku settings elsewhere in my large base :)
stoned75: it's probably because your syn on happens too late in your .vimrc. i guess the ftdetect will fix this. so: remove your own line, test with the patch and tell me. 17:13
right ?
(it works like a charm here)
rypervenche: github.com/Raku/vim-raku/pull/11/commits 17:17
lizmat just tell me when it's ready to merge, and I will :-) 17:18
eiro 4 commits for 3 lines ... should i crash them into 1 single commit ?
lizmat: sounds good for me
(if there is no more suggestions)
stoned75? rypervenche ? 17:19
stoned75 eiro: hum... I'm not sure, I can't seem to be able to get it ftdetecting without BufEnter when using a command like the one I mentionned, but either way adding ftdetect to vim-raku repo is a good thing ;) 17:20
lizmat dinner&
eiro :)
lizmat: bon appétit 17:21
stoned75: did you try ? i really wonder what could go wrong ... 17:22
it would be a case when you enter in a buffer without rising New or ReadPost? how can it be possible? 17:23
AlexDaniel eiro: also can you remove .pm? 17:24
stoned75 eiro: yes I did more testing :) I'm not really sure about what's going on 17:25
AlexDaniel eiro: or do you think it won't conflict with perl5?
Geth doc: e6a0b4994e | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Programs/03-environment-variables.pod6
Be more specific about RAKUDO_DEFAULT_READ_ELEMS
rypervenche Is it possible to have it set the filetype based on the file extension? Opening a new test.raku file doesn't give it a filetype using your commits. 17:26
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eiro AlexDaniel: nice spot: i remove it 17:28
stoned75: i just looked at the other ftdetect: none of them use Enter. so if it's ok for you, i keep the current hooks and i help you to fix your setting 17:30
AlexDaniel, lizmat : how about rewriting the pr to have a single patch instead of 5 ones ?
(i don't know the good practices expected by the perl6 community 17:32
rypervenche I think it would be cleaner that way.
eiro which way is *that* way ? 17:34
rypervenche To squash them.
eiro k
stoned75 eiro: sure no problem, and thanks for the proposal but don't trouble yourself I should be able to handle my vimrc's mess ;) 17:35
rypervenche It's still not working for new empty files though. 17:36
eiro stoned75: ok 17:42
rypervenche hmmm ... this is when BufEnter comes in ? let me try
uzl[m] m: enum Color<Blue Green>; say Color.enums; 17:45
camelia Map.new((Blue => 0, Green => 1))
rypervenche eiro: I don't know much about how vim plugins work, but does suffixesadd in ftplugin/raku.vim also need to be updated to match the new list of suffixes? 17:47
uzl[m] Is it possible to create a new enum from another one? Say I want to create the enum MoreColor using Color.
eiro rypervenche: well ... suffixadd works with a complete filename: we should probably define an inex 17:50
rypervenche: i don't know the plugin: i just cloned it to fix your problem 17:51
i'll take a look. if you have other complains, feel free to tell me :) 17:52
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eiro rypervenche: can you confirm it works when you have BufNewFile in the list of events to hook ? 17:55
BufNewFile,BufWritePost,BufReadPost < those are the events that can use the filename extension and i don't see any case that doesn't workd for me 17:56
rypervenche eiro: Yes, adding BufNewFile worked.
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eiro so i add shebang detection, squash the commit and create a new pr 18:00
MasterDuke eiro: you don't need to create a new pr. just push --force to the same branch 18:01
and the pr will get updated
eiro push --force ? isn't it evil ? i'm scarred of any --force thing 18:02
MasterDuke: i will revert (i pushed on my own master)
MasterDuke force pushing on a public repo is bad 18:03
eiro ahh ... but pushing on mine is ok ?
cool! 18:04
MasterDuke on your own it's usually fine
eiro MasterDuke: so what i wanted to do is:
* copy the file 18:05
* reset to the old branch
* paste the file
* create a single commit
is there a better way ?
(i love those moment when you get help while helping) 18:06
MasterDuke you could rebase -i HEAD~<the number of commits you have that you want to squash together>
so commit all your changes. then rebase -i to squash them down to one commit. then force push 18:07
Geth doc: 57783d3431 | (Ben Davies)++ | 3 files
Proofread IO::Socket::Async::ListenSocket docs and pass make xtest
doc: 98e4b34010 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 3 files
Merge pull request #3168 from Kaiepi/io-socket-async-listensocket

Proofread IO::Socket::Async::ListenSocket docs and pass make xtest
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eiro ok. last call before squashing MasterDuke AlexDaniel rypervenche stoned75 18:30
rypervenche eiro: Looks good to me. So the suffixesadd in ftplugin/raku.vim doesn't need to be updated as well then? 18:33
I feel that that should be consistent as well. 18:34
Aside from that, it looks good to me. 18:35
eiro rypervenche: i'll check
ok... i see there is an inex that substitute :: by /: good 18:37
but the thing is : what's the point of adding t6 for example in the suffixadd ? 18:38
in my way of using vim, suffixadd is for gf, right ?
anyway rypervenche i think this isn't the same. 18:39
let's push this bugfix and then start talking about suffixadd which is more controversal :)
rypervenche It's not the same, no. I just thought it should also be updated. We can do it separately though. 18:40
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eiro MasterDuke: worked like a charm! awesome 18:50
thank you very much
lizmat: it's ready to merge
lizmat Merged :-) 18:51
eiro thank you :)
lizmat eiro++
Geth doc: ad08bdb2fc | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Enumeration.pod6
Smartmatch and enumeration, refs #2632
rypervenche Thanks :)
eiro rypervenche: now let's talk about this suffixadd: the only usage i have of suffixadd is gf so the only suffix required is .pm6 but i see more extensions so maybe there is a usage of suffixadd i don't know about. 18:55
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eiro rypervenche: if i have to patch, it would be to remove extensions. 18:56
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eiro how to open a discussion on github ? 18:56
(maybe create an issue and see what happens ?)
rypervenche .rakumod would also need to be added 18:57
eiro oh ... indeed !
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eiro but how about the others ? let's take a look to suffixadd in other modules... 18:58
i check
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rypervenche I was just looking at that. Some languages have their normal extensions, but I don't know enough about the languages to know if that is correctly done. 19:00
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rypervenche I'm too new to Raku to know what possible file extension would be needed for a gf. 19:01
eiro rypervenche: some langages use their normal extensions for their modules too
like python
rypervenche But it would be at least .rakumod and .pm6.
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rypervenche Maybe it's not even needed then... Perl doesn't have one. 19:02
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AlexDaniel rypervenche: what do you mean doesn't have one? :) 19:03
eiro hmm i'm confused: perl has pm 19:04
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rypervenche There's no suffixesadd line in the ftplugin in vim for perl. 19:04
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rypervenche Does the .pm ever get written in a Perl file? And does .p6 or .rakumod ever get written in a Raku file? 19:05
eiro because they use a more complex inex
rypervenche I should just be quiet, I think. I don't know enough about this. :P
eiro the raku one is simple: just substitute :: by / 19:06
and let suffixesadd deal with the extension
(which is easier to read, i think)
rypervenche Ahhhh, that's how it works. 19:07
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eiro yep :) 19:08
if you see the perl inex, you see they try to add .pm at the end of the path
ok you know what? i fix the way i think is the good one, i PR and let's see how people react 19:10
MasterDuke glad to hear. rebase -i is great, i use it all the teime
eiro while we're on fixing raku: i remember there was this problem of path for installed modules. 19:12
s/fixing raku/fixing vim-raku/
MasterDuke: i will show the tip to my colleagues: good demo of "why you should fork" 19:13
(or branch) 19:14
(or both)
i wonder if we can use coma as a backend for a vim module ... is there a lsp for raku ? maybe jnthn know about ? 19:16
lizmat not sure what Comma would have to do with a vim module ? 19:17
MasterDuke i think someone had a beta/incomplete implementation of lsp for raku, but i don't remember who
pmurias lizmat: a lsp would be for a whole bunch of editors, so I guess the question is if Comma could be refactored into a lsp 19:23
lizmat well, I think jnthn or Altai_man / sena_kun would know 19:24
pmurias Comma seemed super IntelliJ oriented/specific from how jnthn was describing it is implemented 19:25
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sena_kun eiro: no LSP in Comma 19:59
eiro: and no, no possibility to backend usage 20:00
eiro back
sena_kun: ok thanks
lizmat: well... i had in mind that there is probably an engine that parse the code so you can query it 20:01
MasterDuke: let me know if you remember at some point :) 20:02
sena_kun github.com/perl6/user-experience/issues/38 may be a (starting?) point
eiro ok
rypervenche Yay! My first Raku script is on its way. Much taken from Rosettacode for a password generator, but yeah. This is my first scripting language (if you don't count Bash). d.ryper.org/pw.raku.png 20:10
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Kaiepi how can you run code when the program ends? 20:18
&*EXIT looks similar to what i want, but i need this code to run regardless of whether exit is called 20:20
sena_kun Kaiepi: END phaser?
Kaiepi tried that sena_kun, that happens after precomp, not when after runtime 20:22
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lizmat rypervenche++ 20:23
Kaiepi: that only happens after precomp because another process is used to precomp? 20:24
perhaps precomp should clear the END block array
eiro rypervenche: oh.. congrats! may i suggest using gist instead of a screenshot? 20:27
* this saves some bandwidth
* it's easy to propose some improvements 20:28
Kaiepi lizmat, if i write the line like END ..., it only runs after precomp, but if i write it like END { ... }, it runs the block both after precomp and at the end of the program, which works for me in this case 20:29
lizmat hmmm.. that would be a bug,
it should run in both cases regardless of thunkiness of END 20:30
SmokeMachine m: say Supply.from-list(^10).zip: Supply.from-list(^5) 20:36
camelia Supply.new
SmokeMachine m: say Supply.from-list(^10).zip: Supply.from-list(^5) xx 2
camelia Can only use zip to combine defined Supply objects
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
SmokeMachine m: say Supply.from-list(^10).zip: |(Supply.from-list(^5) xx 2) 20:37
camelia Supply.new
lizmat m: dd Supply.from-list(1,2,3,4).Seq 20:41
camelia (1, 2, 3, 4).Seq
lizmat that's what I use for debugging :-)
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eiro is rakudo repo the place to open an issue about the langage ? 20:47
like 'given should return' ?
Geth doc: f1983a0fed | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Type/IO/Handle.pod6
really demonstrate .Str method
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[Coke] eiro: Raku/problem-solving ? 20:50
eiro ok
[Coke] perl6 if it's not migrated yet
eiro it actually is. it's nice to have every topic listed that way 20:53
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mojca How do I interpret these tests? paste.macports.org/03e2524f5433 21:03
eiro hoo ... macports is still alive ? 21:04
mojca Just because HB became popular, it doesn't mean that MacPorts should be dead :) 21:05
eiro and you still use cpan2port :) \o/ (pride)
mojca: of course not! i really liked macport when i had to use mac. 21:06
plus: i learned tcl thanks to macports 21:07
mojca Not sure what to say. We had a GSOC student in 2019 who worked on upt, which is a tool from anything (pypi, cpan, gem, ...) to "anything" (macports, fedora, freebsd, ...)
But only the pypi was really extensively tested.
I'm not sure how many new perl packages have been created recently. I certainly didn't add any new one in a while. 21:08
But last time I did need one, I used cpan2port, yes.
[Coke] mojca: Hi! 21:09
eiro mojca: cpan2port is really uggly: i wrote it while discovering macports because i had to package the koha ils on mac. that's why i'm surprised such a hack survived a whole decade
mojca github.com/macports/macports-contr.../cpan2port 21:10
eiro my feeling when i left the company i worked for at this time was: it's uggly but really pleasant to use ...
mojca In theory we should now have github.com/macports/upt-macports 21:11
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eiro oh .. i hope you didn't suffer too much with this code :) 21:11
anyway: good to know macports still exists. i remember you have a really welcoming and friendly community 21:12
mojca [Coke]: Hi. I'm still stuck with updating this package that you once submitted (not even using it myself) :), so you're welcome to help :)
... at least with this issue :) 21:13
Geth doc: 71788a2dd7 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Type/IO/Handle.pod6
Make example code pass compilation test
mojca eiro: I was really happy with cpan2port as long as I used it. Not that I really ever studied the code, but it produced useful results which was the main point. 21:18
eiro good to know! thanks
[Coke] mojca: yah, sorry about that. 21:28
Is anyone using it, do you think?
mojca At least according to ports.macports.org/port/rakudo/stats I'm not the only one 21:29
But please keep in mind that this is opt-in statistics. 21:30
The total number of unique users ever submitting stats is 542
6 people apparently have it installed among those; that's 1% of users 21:31
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: vrurg assigned to jnthn Issue Visibility of dynamic symbols in async blocks github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/151 21:57
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vrurg . 23:40
tellable6 2020-01-17T08:31:19Z #raku-dev <lizmat> vrurg since most of Supply depends on dynamic variables, I doubt it, but jnthn would know
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! DateTime::Monotonic (0.0.5) by 03JMASLAK 23:57
New module released to CPAN! TCP::LowLevel (0.0.4) by 03JMASLAK
New module released to CPAN! Net::BGP (0.2.1) by 03JMASLAK 23:58
New module released to CPAN! IP::Random (0.0.11) by 03JMASLAK 23:59
New module released to CPAN! App::Tasks (0.0.17) by 03JMASLAK