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rypervenche Ah yeah. I was looking for something to automatically give me the affixes. 00:04
guifa Yeaha, that bit requires the RBNF stuff. You can find it in cldr/commons/rbnf/zh.xml for Chinese 00:07
If you had time and wanted to write the RBNF parser though … hahahaha
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SmokeMachine running the server as `docker run --network=mysql --name=mysql --rm -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=bla -e MYSQL_DATABASE=bla -e MYSQL_USER=bla -e MYSQL_PLUGIN_DIR=/usr/lib/mysql/plugin mysql` is not giving that error anymore... but it's not accepting my password... 00:21
I think I found it! 00:22
rypervenche guifa: I've spend the past two days trying to figure out the logic in that and get Lingua::Number to work. The code is beyond me for the moment. I'll look into it later on once I know more about Raku and can maybe decipher more things. :) The desire is there, the know-how, not yet.
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guifa rypervenche: yeah, the Lingua::Number was done loooong ago and it works so no one has updated the internals. He uses a complicated regex, I’m going to use a grammar/actions, and hopefully give some super friendly interfaces for it. (particulary I think it would be good to throw an exception if a number gets to be too big, or if that type isn’t supported for the language, in the exception I could possibly provide an alternate representa 02:50
that might not be perfect, but is better than nothing, and since it’s excepted, someone can decide whether they want it or not)
Also…. “DrForr left the chaat room.” :-(
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lizmat [03:22:15] DrForr (~jgoff@li165-209.members.linode.com) left IRC (Remote host closed the connection) 08:29
farewell good friend
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tadzik :( 08:30
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El_Che sigh 08:49
leont :-( 08:50
Celotora hey
El_Che hallo Celotora 08:52
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satyavvd RIP DrForr.. 09:02
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chloekek p6: my &infix:<ö> := &infix:<+>; say <1 2 3> »ö« <4 5 6> 10:15
camelia (5 7 9)
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chloekek Are there Raku users on Mastodon? 10:19
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lizmat chloekek: I think tyil is 11:07
chloekek tyil: I heared you’re on Mastodon. Can I follow you? 11:10
tellable6 chloekek, I'll pass your message to tyil
chloekek lizmat++ tellable6++
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AlexDaniel damn I want to use mastodon :D 11:20
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tadzik I am on mastodon and also on my self-hosted pleroma 11:44
you should be able to follow @tadzik@social.tadzik.net
El_Che from what is mastodon again a clone? Twitter? 11:46
tadzik pretty much, yeah 11:49
but it's running on open protocols so you can follow more that just people from your own server, or even people from other mastodons
anything that speaks ActivityPub, which is now a W3C thing, can be followed on mastodon and vice versa
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El_Che federated model 11:50
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chloekek And it sorts toots chronologically instead of AIically 11:54
El_Che twitter does as well, but it keeps resetting the preferences when you log in
(which is insane) 11:55
chloekek Having ActivityPub adapters for various non-ActivityPub platforms would be cool. 11:59
I’ve been meaning to install an ActivityPub-enabled RSS reader.
Then I could set up RSS feed tracking and follow them from Mastodon.
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[Coke] . 13:09
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chloekek What is Blin, other than a Russian pancake? github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3553 15:51
jnthn System for testing all of the modules against the latest Rakudo HEAD, used to identify compiler regressions so Rakudo releases can be more reliable. 15:54
I figure part of the joke is that "blin!" is often used to mean "dammit!" too. :)
chloekek Thanks!
Altai-man_ probably should name issues `Blin, 2020.03, round N` 15:55
AlexDaniel jnthn: it's also an improvement over Toaster, which is another food-related name :) 15:56
chloekek: but it's not just Rakudo HEAD, it tests between two given points (usually latest release and HEAD) 15:57
chloekek Bisect language infrastructure. 15:58
AlexDaniel chloekek: and if it notices that some module used to work before, then it bisects
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AlexDaniel but yes, “dammit!” analogy is pretty close. It's one of the few Russian words that kids can actually use for that without, um… repercussions 16:01
all other words are a lot more colorful so to say :D 16:03
jnthn :D 16:05
[Coke] :) 16:06
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[Coke] any weebly users about? We're using it for TPF and I'm having an issue. 16:25
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tbrowder anyone seeing travis badges not working as usual? 16:38
normally in my README.md in a git repo i put the travis-recommended buil status line in my readme and it will show green when the last test was good. now all i see is "Build Status" in light blue letters in a faint button. clicking on it takes me to that repo on travis where i see the green badge. 16:42
guifa Does anyone know the status of the Houston convention? I’m guessing it’s still far enough out it’s in a optimistically going-to-happen status, but was curious
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lizmat dcbpw.org/dcbpw2020/ has been cencelled 16:47
which does not bode well for TPaRCiH 16:48
AlexDaniel “Spring of 2021”
I see people are extremely optimistic
that's a badass logo, by the way 16:49
I love it
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guifa lizmat: since I’ve been prepping for teaching my online classes, I was thinking those of us who were going to present could potentially still do our presentations virtually if they can’t delay it for a late date 17:08
lizmat guifa: indeed
jnthn will be doing that for his Macro presentation that he couldn't give at the GPaRW 17:09
SmokeMachine looking forward to it...
jnthn Need to be able to do more than 3 sentences without "ouch, my throat" first :) 17:12
AlexDaniel jnthn: get well :) 17:17
guifa oh no, jnthn: did you get hit by the virus? 17:18
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guifa is still waiting on his test result = 3 days and counting 17:19
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SmokeMachine jnthn: no rush! Sorry... I'm just too excited to use that on Red... 17:20
AlexDaniel guifa: around here they seem to no longer even test you unless there's a good reason 17:21
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AlexDaniel guifa: not sure if that's because they simply can't get the infrastructure right for that amount of testing, or if they just want the numbers to be low :D 17:21
jnthn guifa: No, almost certianly not that. 17:22
I got it from somebody else, who themselves got it before before there were any COVID-19 cases known in .cz 17:23
lizmat guifa: testing in NL only happens if you have symptoms 17:25
therefore the actual number of infections is currently estimated to be 6x the number of proven infections
of course, that's just that: estimations
together with the knowledge that there may well be asymptomatic carriers 17:26
guifa if I got it it may have actually been from NL, actually. Singapore (my main destination) has things extremely under control
vrurg: I just merged the pull request, sorry, I dunno why github didn’t notify about FuzzyToken but did with Carp.
lizmat aka, people who are infectious but show no symptoms
guifa jnthn: any ideas why the Mac version of Comma is 404’ing? 17:27
lizmat guifa: Rotterdam University is mapping the strains in NL, most of them are from China
jnthn guifa: Notarization failures, but I should check on the status of resolving that. Shipping desktop apps for Mac is horrible at this point. :/ 17:30
guifa jnthn: noted. It’s been a while since I’ve developed an app on the Mac, and it was long before the need to sign apps and I know lots of developers have had issues with it 17:36
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jnthn Well, we had signing working for a while, then notarization came along, and after no small amount of work we got that integrated into the build process, and then a month later something changed (seemingly on Apple's side) that broke it. 17:40
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vrurg m: my %h = a => 1; %h.append: b => 2; say %h 18:48
camelia {a => 1}
vrurg ^^^ bug? 18:49
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jnthn m: my %h = a => 1; %h.append: (b => 2); say %h 18:50
camelia {a => 1, b => 2}
jnthn You need to do it like that, otherwise it's an option to append, not the data
vrurg is slapping own forehead! 18:53
jnthn: thanks, I'm probably still sleepy. :)
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guifa I guess a hash could have something like multi append(*%foo) { samewith |%foo } since there aren’t any options, but that would prevent enabling options down the road 19:03
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vrurg guifa: It'd be an abuse of syntax anyway. I.e. a feature used the way it's not intended for. 19:12
And yes, I wouldn't mind having :merge for both Array and Hash append. :) 19:13
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lizmat A very sad Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2020/03/16/2020-...od-friend/ 19:43
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Doc_Holliwood what's the neatest way to cycle trough an enum? 20:32
basically, enum foo<A B>; my $enum = A; and then i want to loop and have A and B in $enum alternating in each iteration
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Doc_Holliwood saluté gordonfish 20:45
m: enum foo<A B>; my $enum = A; say foo (-) A; 20:46
camelia Set((foo))
gordonfish Doc_Holliwood: For a sec I read that as sauté and became nervous 20:49
Doc_Holliwood no worries. we only eath pythonistas 20:50
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AlexDaniel m: say Bool.enum_values 20:52
camelia No such method 'enum_values' for invocant of type 'Bool'
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
AlexDaniel whaat
m: say Bool.HOW.enum_values
camelia Too few positionals passed; expected 2 arguments but got 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
AlexDaniel m: say Bool.^enum_values 20:53
camelia {False => 0, True => 1}
AlexDaniel ah, there
Doc_Holliwood: does that work? It's a bit… weird
gordonfish Why the ^ ?
AlexDaniel gordonfish: it calls the method on the metaclass instead of the object itself 20:54
Doc_Holliwood the ^ constitutes a metamethod
introspection, basically 20:55
AlexDaniel m: say Bool.HOW.enum_values(Bool)
camelia {False => 0, True => 1}
AlexDaniel lizmat: hey, can we get that to work properly?
lizmat: I mean, I used that so many times even if I'm not supposed to 20:56
and I believe others do too
greppable6: enum_values
greppable6 AlexDaniel, 4 lines, 2 modules: gist.github.com/5c3c1a3108f940518f...00e95b6118
AlexDaniel alright, maybe not in modules
greppable6: enum_value_list 20:57
greppable6 AlexDaniel, 5 lines, 3 modules: gist.github.com/7e7657692f3934980a...6b6b697915
AlexDaniel lizmat: shouldn't it be something that is available directly?
or, if people are supposed to use this, then can we get rid of _ maybe? 20:58
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Grinnz re: twitter.com/liztormato/status/1239...2240376832 - I am pretty sure it is the presence of the Perl6/ subdirectory that distinguishes raku dists on CPAN alone, I think changing the name of META6.json would be only up to the raku tools that deal with it 21:21
(for instance, if a raku dist is uploaded outside of Perl6/, it still shows up as a perl release even with a META6.json) 21:22
fastapi.metacpan.org/v1/file/_sear...META6.json 21:24
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theangryepicbana so I saw the thing about repl.it in the most recent newsletter 21:27
just thought I'd mention that repl.it is actually using the most recent version of raku 21:28
even though it says 2019.03 or whatever
hopefully someone can pass that on to whoever writes/wrote the newsletter 21:30
[ptc] theangryepicbana: lizmat writes the newsletter 21:36
lizmat: ^^^^
theangryepicbana ah ok
also if you're curious, if you use repl.it/languages/perl6 rather than repl.it/languages/raku, it does have some syntax highlighting (and that's an issue I need to bring back up to the devs too) 21:39
Grinnz btw, I am slowly working to make it so Raku/ will be an allowed CPAN subdirectory as well, but don't expect anything soon :) 21:40
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lizmat Grinnz: what you said is true and not true: the existence of META6.json is used as a flag to put the distribution into a /Perl6 directory 21:49
if you're working on the PAUSE code, then by all means, but please make sure that these changes will not cause any Perl toolchain fallout
that has happened in the past and it was frowned upon, rather severely 21:50
Grinnz it would be nothing more than an adaptation of the current use of Perl6/, and I won't be pushy about it
metacpan actually already supports Raku/, but PAUSE will take longer 21:51
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Grinnz when you say META6.json is used as a flag, is it PAUSE that does that or the raku upload tool? 21:54
lizmat .tell theangryepicbana if it is using the most recent version, why on earth is it telling 2019.03.1 on start up
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to theangryepicbana
lizmat Grinnz: PAUSE
Grinnz alright
theangryepicbana lizmat: It's most likely because the version headers aren't automatically updated
lizmat the upload tool just uploads it to the top directory, PAUSE moves it to /Perl6
Grinnz hmm, but some still get uploaded to top level with META6.json by accident 21:55
theangryepicbana I'll be asking the devs if they can update it sometime soon :)
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lizmat Grinnz: are you sure? the name of the file has to be META6.json exactly 21:56
META6.JSON probably won't cut it
Grinnz metacpan.org/source/TBROWDER/Text-...Raku-1.0.0 from december
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lizmat odd... I have no explanation for that 21:57
Grinnz (it has 7 passes on cpantesters - lol)
lizmat I know it took 3 toolchain summits to get the currently functionality in there 21:58
[Coke] hopes everyone is having a good day.
lizmat and that changes to PAUSE are fraught with potential widespread consequences
Grinnz I'll take a look into the code at some point
lizmat .tell tbrowder you might want to re-upload Text-Utils-Raku: metacpan.org/source/TBROWDER/Text-...Raku-1.0.0 22:00
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
Grinnz I think he did shortly after that
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lizmat .tell tbrowder somehow it wound up in PAUSE as a Perl module, rather than as a Raku module 22:01
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
tbrowder yes, and i thought i deleted the other...i'll take a look...
Grinnz you did, that is from backpan 22:02
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tbrowder ah, ok 22:05
tony-o: 2 things: (1) your docker nightly in my travis run seems to have a problem and (2) i would like to help test zeco 22:43
.tell tony-o ^^^
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to tony-o_
xinming SmokeMachine: Is it possible to do model-role? Just like normal roles, But it has column definition in them 22:47
SmokeMachine xinming: usual roles should work for that... 22:48
xinming: for example: github.com/FCO/Red/blob/master/t/13-roles.t 22:50
xinming: just curious, what are you trying to do? 22:55
tbrowder .tell tony-o the travis thing appears to be their problem, a restart worked 22:57
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to tony-o_
xinming SmokeMachine: I don't do thing for the moment, It's just a thought that we may need for same data type. 23:08
I didn't touch coding for 2 month, Only playing games and watching the movie. because of corna-virus thing makes me very depressed. :-) 23:09
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SmokeMachine :( 23:15
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xinming SmokeMachine: If you are going out side a lot, Try to stay at home for at least 2 weeks as much as possible. You won't want to gamble with the death-lord 23:36