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ens i decided i need now to learn raku because of the psychedelic butterfly. 01:42
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guifa2 ens++ that's a wonderful reason ^_^ 02:05
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[Coke] ens++ 02:07
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PimDaniel Hi \o 10:33
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PimDaniel I'm searching a simple solution to call a native method print/say/printf/sprintf by invoquing his name into a variable. This will be controlled of course for security reasons. 10:35
or may be by his address? 10:36
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PimDaniel I'f found what i want : docs.raku.org/language/functions#i...efix_& 10:54
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2021/01/23/an...-slurpers/ 12:35
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PimDaniel In Perl5, import where complicated and often bought to confusion. 12:39
I see it is worse in Raku. :( 12:40
lizmat PimDaniel: how so ?
El_Che ?
in most of the cases, use variables for method/function names is very handle, but very risky (a runtime crash waiting to happen) 12:41
PimDaniel How can i make a simple custom 'included' group of subs just to separate them into another file? without to need to write stupid 'is export' on each sub or any constant , etc? 12:42
El_Che but I don't see how it's different in raku compared to perl
PimDaniel It not simpler : indeed. I thought it was : but no. 12:43
The import machanism is REALLY a big masturbation : i think at the point thez kept it in Raku. 12:45
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lizmat sub exporter(*@_) { Map.new( @_.map: { .name => $_ } ) } 12:48
sub EXPORT { exporter &foo, &bar }
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PimDaniel lizmat: thank's but which of the 2 answers you made must i use? Both or one of them? 12:57
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lizmat the first is a helper sub to allow you to create the Map to be returned by EXPORT 12:58
the &foo, &bar represent the subs you want to export
PimDaniel ok i understand now, thanks!
lizmat EXPORT takes positional args, so you can make the set dependent on that
use Module <foo> should appear as "foo" in EXPORT
PimDaniel true! 12:59
lizmat afk for a few hours& 13:00
PimDaniel Ok see you later.
Sorry for my hungryness but @/!8@ç#!!, merde hein quoi! 13:01
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v_m_v /msg NickServ identify Winiar11! 17:19
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El_Che ok, change it now :) 17:23
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guifa2 gfldex: re your most recent blog, actually, manyness (also spelled maniness) is very much a word ^_^ 17:42
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gfldex guifa2: tell that to the dictionary! 17:44
guifa2 ha, you need an updated en.dic
www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/manyness 17:45
The OED dates its first use to 14th century-ish 17:46
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Xliff Has anyone here used dwarring's LibXML? I need access to xmlNode and can't figure out how to expose it. 22:30
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