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muffindrake Hello, is it possible to get raku docs in one text file, or failing that one html file? The link on docsraku.org 404s on me 00:03
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phogg muffindrake: A version named perl6 still exists (docs.raku.org/perl6.html) but I don't know whether it's being updated as things change. 01:15
er, sorry wrong window
muffindrake: this issue was reported here github.com/Raku/doc/issues/3632 and is still open, for whatever that's worth 01:17
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muffindrake Thanks. 01:36
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phogg muffindrake: looks like you can build it yourself from the doc git repo checkout (zef install Pod::To::BigPage; make bigpage; html2text html/raku.html > ~/raku.txt) 01:38
I can't certify it will work, but it's working *so far* for me 01:39
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phogg muffindrake: for the record it finished after a few minutes. The text version is not very readable, but it works too. Opening the HTML in lynx is a better experience. 01:43
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muffindrake phogg: That worked very nicely, thanks again! 03:32
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lizmat drops a pin 12:38
mark[m]3 Hi all, I'm running into a problem trying to install (well, update actually) raku on a raspberrypi 3B+ running archlinuxarm, the error I have is "While looking for 'CORE.c.setting.moarvm': no such file or directory" 12:45
bit more context here: pastebin.com/FdJKH2fp
this little thing has had raku on it and running for ages now, it seems like the last update has something to do with it but I can't see how… 12:46
nqp and moarvm install ok
but rakudo 2021.02.1 doesn't
moritz mark[m]3: is tihs a parallel build?
mark[m]3 moritz: how can I tell that?
moritz mark[m]3: did you start it with make -j2 or something? 12:47
mark[m]3 oh right
no I'm using the PKGBUILD here and it just uses "make": aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tre...D?h=rakudo
no multithreading or anything 12:48
moritz I'm trying a build locally here to see if that works 12:49
mark[m]3 oh thanks for digging into this! 12:50
moritz can't promise anything 12:51
mark[m]3 no no sure that's fine :)
moritz for me, it says +++ Compilingblib/CORE.c.setting.moarvm
(with a real tab in there)
right before the "The following step can take a long time, please be patient." message
huh, it seems it only compiedl the .d variant for you 12:52
mark[m]3 yeah, I get that two. From looking at the makefile it repeats everything for 6.c first, and then the 6.d (which it doesĂ 
moritz is there a blib/CORE.c.setting.moarvm file? 12:53
mark[m]3 I get those two*
no there isn't…
moritz and what do you get when you run `make blib/CORE.c.setting.moarvm`?
mark[m]3 This is what I have:
rakudo]# fd CORE.c
moritz that's not yet fully compiled 12:54
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mark[m]3 but the "Compiling blib/CORE.c.setting.moarvm" step, which "can take a long time" and prints out all the stage timings works fine. It then moves on to the CORE.d.setting.moarvm stage and then errs out 12:54
yes I mean that's all I have… there is no .setting.moarvm 12:55
moritz and what do you get when you run `make blib/CORE.c.setting.moarvm`?
mark[m]3 just running that now 12:56
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mark[m]3 it's still running but I just noticed something interesting. Around the end of that run for making CORE.c.settings.moarvm, there is this line: 13:00
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mark[m]3 "Stage optimize : +++ Generating gen/moar/BOOTSTRAP/v6d.nqp" 13:00
I think that is actually missing the time, like other lines say "Stage parse : 611.789"
so something probably fails around the end of "Compiling blib/CORE.c.setting.moarvm", during the optimize stage, but doesn't seem to print out any error… 13:01
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moritz the lines starting with +++ generally don't have timings 13:01
mark[m]3 yes I see that, the line starting with "Stage optimize: " should have a time, and it shouldn't end with "+++ Generating…" 13:02
(I didn't remove a newline in that, it is all on the same line, which is obviously wrong) 13:03
moritz it does look like several things are executing at once
do you have MAKEFLAGS environment variable set? 13:04
(this is a GNU make, right?)
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mark[m]3 `env | grep MAKE` returns nothing 13:05
and it's `GNU Make 4.3` 13:06
and for certainty's sake, I can see in htop that only one thread is running off my make command
moritz let's wait for that make command to finish 13:08
mark[m]3 ok it just did…
moritz successfully? 13:09
mark[m]3 no error, but the "Stage optimize" has no time on it, and that's the last line, and there still is no CORE.d.setting.moarvm file
sorry CORE.c
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moritz what was the exit code? 13:10
or is there somethin in the syslog about an OOM kill or so? 13:12
I'm really grasping at straws here
mark[m]3 thanks for the suggestions :)
I'm stupid actually I didn't think to check the exit code, I ran another command right after from the same shell so it's gone now…
I'll run it again
nothing in the syslog
ram is the first thought I had and I have 2Gb swap so that should be ok 13:13
OH no wow that is it!
it's earlyoom that has dumb settings (ahem… I set them :/)
really sorry for all that! 13:14
moritz no problem, glad I have helped a bit :D
mark[m]3 you were great đź‘Ť
forced me to double check everything that's what I needed obviously :) 13:15
the telltale journald log line: "Mar 12 12:56:43 musicpi earlyoom[324]: sending SIGTERM to process 21880 uid 1001 "moar": badness 943, VmRSS 632 MiB" (poor moar, that's very bad!) 13:21
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moritz why does that remind me of latex, with "badness 10000" everywhere? :D 13:30
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Froogal Hi!  I have been happily learning Raku for a little while now, but my progress is very much hindered by the Raku site not working for me.  I constantly get SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG error.  If I type in raku.org and seemingly start a new session its fine for a little bit, but as soon as I start clicking on links I get this error.  If I 13:36
search for something and Raku docs come up in the results and I click it I consistently get this error.  It's driving me crazy lol
moritz huh, weird, never heard of that before 13:38
Froogal: which country are you in? which browser do you use?
Froogal Its very consistent with me, and happens on my mobile browser as well.
US Firefox
Just tried chromium, getting the same error. 13:39
Sorry chromium gives ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR 13:40
I almost don't have access to the docs because I have to browse raku site in a very specific way, or I cant access docs. 13:41
Is there a way to reach out to the site maintainers?  This has been bothersome for quite some time and I want to let them know and provide more info if they need. 13:42
moritz I think @jjmerelo on twitter, and either jjmerelo or twitter here would be the maintainer 13:43
and rba is doing general infrastructure stuff
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mark[m]3 Froogal: for what it's worth, when I went to a place with no internet a while ago and was doing quite a bit of raku work I installed the docs locally from github.com/Raku/doc 13:50
Froogal Ohhhhhh that might be very helpful, thank you! :) 13:52
rba Froogal: do you get the same error for docs.rakulang.site ?
mark[m]3 it's pretty easy to get it set up
Froogal rba No it seems to work for now on that url. 13:53
I can search
Im on this one when it breaks docs.raku.org/ 13:54
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rba Both sites are the same. 13:55
Froogal I just broke it tho lol
and the one you sent works
Can I attatch screen shots? 13:57
rba Froogal: Do you have more error message and other info? Seems to happen only from US. I send you the emails as pvt. 13:58
It was reported this week already. I have turned 13:59
Froogal rba I do I can provide more info, I have to go to work now sadly.  I'll get back on here after work.
Oh cool I'm not the only one with error message.  Thank you for the help!  take care 14:00
rba of Cloudflares proxies. Yet I don’t understand why it still happens.
Froogal: All fine. Need to go back skiing:-) 14:01
Froogal rba luuuucky XD 14:02
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mark[m]3 rba: oh you've still got snow! It's all melting here (southern French Alps…) 14:02
rba Here in CH too. Very happy to have the chance
to spend some time outdoors... 14:03
leont Yeah, proxies are the most likely candidate for such issues 14:06
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moritz maybe outdated DNS? 14:06
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vrurg .tell guifa2 So far, I don't see any wrongdoing in Role() behavior. But can't be sure without more details. 14:55
tellable6 vrurg, I'll pass your message to guifa2
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