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andinus is there a mojoliciuos-like for raku? 05:37
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El_Che Cro should be the closest 08:07
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rindolf hi all! what happened to TimToady ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Wall )? 09:52
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Altreus what do you mean? 10:11
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Altreus ugexe: I was hoping to do both :D 10:12
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moritz_ rindolf: I get the impression he mostly moved on from being the Perl/Raku BDFL 11:05
rindolf moritz_: ah 11:06
moritz_: what is he up to now? 11:07
moritz_ rindolf: I don't know. I try not to stalk my heros, and he hasn't come here and told us
rindolf moritz_: stalk? is that what you call "caring about"? 11:08
fine, i'll email him
El_Che rindolf: don't take it like that. moritz_ is not attacking you 11:09
moritz_ rindolf: if 5 people do it, it's caring. If 2000 do it, it's stalking. I don't consider myself close enough to Larry to be one of 5 11:10
rindolf email has become unreliable though w all the spam and anti-spam
lizmat FWIW, I don't think Larry reads his email
rindolf moritz_: ok
moritz_ don't let that stop you though, you have to judge for yourself how close you feel
rindolf moritz_: thanks
lizmat: that sucks, but i'll try anyway 11:11
lizmat rindolf: I was not saying you shouldn't try, I was just saying: don't be disappointed if you do not get a response 11:12
rindolf lizmat: ok...
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lizmat weekly: news.perlfoundation.org/post/commu...march-2021 11:27
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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Altreus lizmat: "Suggestion was made to add a 'donate now' button was made 11:35
lizmat yeah, a Raku Foundation site would need to have that working *properly* 11:36
Altreus I was commenting on the repetition of "was made" 11:39
it would appear to be a thinko
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demostanis[m] Which architectures does Rakudo support? 13:18
jdv79 not as many as perl i suspect 13:31
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El_Che demostanis[m]: propably the archs where libuv runs 13:33
Altreus OOP *and* functional! 13:39
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codesections interesting. It appears that there's some turnover in the technical leadership for our sister language, Perl: perl.topicbox.com/groups/perl-core...f9e069641f 14:03
leont libuv is more about platforms, and less about architectures 14:09
El_Che leont: I am schooled now :)
leont With architectures, the question is more about on which architectures we can jit
demostanis[m] leont: And which are they? 14:12
MasterDuke right now, just x86. we just on arm, but don't jit there (though that has meant less and less for performance as spesh gets more and more capable) 14:13
*run on arm
demostanis[m] What's spesh? 14:19
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MasterDuke the moarvm dynamic optimizer that kind of slots inbetween the interpreter and the jit. it optimizes/re-writes the running program based on information it sees, but doesn't generate machine code like the jit does 14:23
jnthn's blog posts are the place to go for more information if curious. 6guts.wordpress.com/ 14:24
parv does anyone have an idea about the size of rakudo + moarvm if everything were statically compiled to the extent possible? 14:26
that would be on amd64 14:27
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lizmat PSA: this week's Rakudo Weekly News will most likely be published on Tuesday this week, due to a planning snafu and other stuff happening 15:06
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sena_kun lizmat, take care! 16:14
lizmat yeah, I am...
just not enough time available due to some unexpected online and offline events 16:15
on top of not having any time after 8pm tonight 16:16
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tonyo vrurg: i need to add some more logging stuff, i'm having trouble replicating the removal problem 16:40
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codesections does the `use trace` pragma not work in modules? It works fine in my .raku files, but doesn't seem to have any effect in a .rakumod file 17:11
lizmat I don't think it works with pre-comped files 17:22
maybe add a "no precompilation" or some such ?
"use trace" will actually codegen the tracing into the bytecode 17:23
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codesections lizmat++ thanks, that did the trick. 17:47
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vrurg tonyo: but I'm not mistaken about 24hr window, am I? 19:20
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guifa realized he hadn’t been connected to IRC in a long time. Gives it 25% chance he has a message from tellbot waiting 19:28
75% right!
patrickb guifa: Someone recently (last 4 days or so) asked about the state of the binary grammar project. 19:36
guifa Ah, yeah, Brad posted a long (and great, as always) comment on the original proposal’s gist 19:37
patrickb colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...04-07#l178
guifa Or at least, that’s probably what caused him to go back to look at it at least.
samebchase: I’m pausing work on binary grammars until RakuAST at the moment — I was able to inline things rather nicely, but while I *could* finish it up with embedded code, normal variable interpolation, etc, all of the work would need to be redone for RakuAST 19:39
samebchase: however, if you’ve got any ideas or feedback for the project in general, definitely take a look at gist.github.com/alabamenhu/2fec7a8...4a2ae2f04d 19:40
patrickb++ : thanks for heads up! 19:41
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tonyo vrurg: you're not. i found the bug and should be fixed now 20:01
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vrurg tonyo++ 20:25
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tonyo if you want i can remove that manually vrurg - not sure how critical it is 20:56
MasterDuke tonyo: btw, did you see github.com/tony-o/perl6-slang-sql/pull/10? 20:57
vrurg tonyo: not critical. Somehow release tarball included a file from the previous release. Don't think anybody would use it as I published the next release already. 21:00
[Coke] Anyone interested in working on a .NET backend for nqp? Every time I start looking at it I get distracted, or wonder "how the hell can I...". Having someone else to chat with would help both ways. 21:02
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tonyo vrurg: i'll let it be then - just merged pull/10 21:34
MasterDuke thanks 21:36
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tonyo thank you for the pr 22:10
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