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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Xliff guifa: It's not 00:15
I haven't changed $*TZ at all.
raku -e '$*TZ.say' # -14400 00:16
guifa Sorry, I mean, it uses $*TZ for the local timezone value. Not that it uses $*TZ for creating using .new (it does for .now, though) 00:18
dependingo n prefs, this may look cleaner in your code 00:20
m: say DateTime.new(1).in-timezone: $*TZ
camelia 1970-01-01T02:00:01+02:00
Xliff raku -e '(my $dt = DateTime.new(1)).in-timezone($*TZ).gist.say' # 1969-12-31T20:00:01-04:00 00:26
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guifa Xliff++ for finding that "Passed bad arguments..." error. I had somehow back in the day assumed someone would only use an Int, but actually any old Numeric is sufficient for creating a DateTime 04:29
and HALLELUJAH! new-dispatch FINALLY lets DateTime::Timezones work how I had previously intended it to! 04:30
(previously, precomp-smthng-smthng-i-forget-the-exact-details was causing Intl::Format::DateTIme to not be able to include DT:Timezones and the latter could never be used in a file that would be precompiled. But on the new-dispatch, that's not the case!) 04:35
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japhb CBOR::Simple 0.1.0 released/uploaded -- contains all the low-hanging fruit improvements I found while I read All The Specs looking to see if something like Capture is already supported. Looks like no, which means I'll need to use a temporary tag number while I create a spec for it 05:46
xinming: CBOR work continues, but native support for Capture will require temporary tagging, plus a spec to get a permanent tag number 05:47
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Kaiepi releasable6, status 08:36
releasable6 Kaiepi, Next release in ≈8 days and ≈10 hours. There are no known blockers. Changelog for this release was not started yet
Kaiepi, Details: gist.github.com/a1c6e571ece3996d21...1242e50c8f
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xinming japhb++ 10:06
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xinming japhb: Thanks, I'll try it later, I haven't do heavy raku coding for a half year, will try later months. ;-) 10:07
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Geth ecosystem: 7caab893c5 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove IRC::Client from the old ecosystem

It now lives in the "zef" ecosystem, maintained by yours truly
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Geth CCR/main: c7741ccc35 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 3 files
Robert Lemmen's blog post is in markdown, not html!
CCR/main: db733a391c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | Remaster/Robert Lemmen/The Surprising Sanity of Using a Cache but Not Updating It.md
Fix reference to image
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melezhik Hi! I am thinking about building a new service built on top of cro, one thing might stop me from using cro, is oath support, does cro have the one? 18:21
I need oath authentication for GH users specifically ...
Xliff melezhik - Couldn't you use another module to implement OAuth inside Cro? 18:22
melezhik yeah, it's doable, I just think maybe there is exiting solution ... but probably will consider implementing myself 18:23
Xliff Not finding a generic OAuth module in the ecosystem, however.
There's plenty available for Perl. You might want to consider Inline::Perl5 18:24
melezhik Xliff++
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sjn o/ 20:27
I've taken the liberty to create a #rakulang channel on the TPF slack, for those of us who care to interact with YAS/TPF/TRF :-) join.slack.com/share/zt-vjwsz56u-L...4vUz6mqX5g 20:28
(link valid for another two weeks, from now) 20:29
unixcat64 what is the plural for members of the Raku community? like Rust has "rustaceans", Go has "gophers" 20:39
Altai-man unixcat64, rakoons maybe. 20:41
unixcat64 hmm 20:42
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unixcat64 it would have to be something related to Camelia 20:53
moritz_ it used to be lambdacamels 20:59
back when Audrey was bringing in all the Haskell programmers
moon-child I prefer 'camel curry' 21:15
japhb You can always tell when new Haskell programmers join the channel, because they ask questions I hadn't even found a need for yet. :-) 21:18
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tbrowder hi, zef question, please: if i remove the .zef directory, will i have to reinstall all the modules? (i know early on i was told to remove .zef to help some zef problem, but i don't remember the result.) 21:45
ugexe no 21:46
`zef nuke site` is generally how you delete all your installed modules
you should pretty much never be afraid to delete ~/.zef at any time for any reason 21:47
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tbrowder thnx, nick 22:16
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