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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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timo the negative prime directive be like: mess with ALL lower lifeforms ̵ 01:24
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Geth doc: dumarchie++ created pull request #3975:
Improve documentation of the list routine
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demostanis[m] Is there any way I can have a variable inside a <-[ ]>? 14:35
I have `my $sep = ','` and I want to match anything but $sep...
moritz_ you can do that with [<!before $sep> .] 14:36
demostanis[m] Isn't there a cleaner way? 14:37
MasterDuke not without creating the regex "manually" with EVAL 14:40
m: my $sep = "s"; my $r = "/(<-[$sep]>+)/".EVAL; say "foosbar" ~~ $r
camelia 「foo」
0 => 「foo」
demostanis[m] Didn't there use to be some MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL pragma? 14:41
Or is it not the same thing?
MasterDuke m: my $sep = "s"; my $r = EVAL "/(<-[$sep]>+)/"; say "foosbar" ~~ $r 14:42
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
EVAL is a very dangerous function!!! (use the MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL pragma
to override this error but only if you're VERY sure your data contains
no injection attacks).
at <tmp>:1
------> 3sep = "…
demostanis[m] What's the difference between EVAL and .EVAL? 14:43
MasterDuke not a whole lot. i think TimToady isn't/wasn't a fan of the method form because it gets around the pragma, but it's in the spec so can't easily be removed 14:45
demostanis[m] Why does Raku hang if I forget the dot after <!before $sep>? 14:48
MasterDuke i assume you have some quantifier on it? it's a zero-width match, so it will keep backtracking and match on an infinite number of nothings 14:54
(that explanation might not be using the technical words 100% correctly, but i believe the overall message is correct) 14:55
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SmokeMachine .ask melezhik is there an API call I could add on my github action to automatically add a new release comment on mybf? 18:09
tellable6 SmokeMachine, I'll pass your message to melezhik
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stanrifkin What is the difference between .WHAT and .^name? And why is .WHAT not listed with .^methods? 19:10
tellable6 2021-09-25T06:19:37Z #raku <holyghost> stanrifkin: use p6doc then, same thing AFAIK
SmokeMachine stanrifkin: .WHAT returns the type itself, .^name returns the type's name as string 19:20
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stanrifkin My rakudoc version has no -r option. But the documentation says you can do rakudoc -r push for example. Is this still not implemented? 19:25
SmokeMachine: thank you
ah... ok no need for rakudoc -r push. Just rakudoc .push 19:26
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superboot Does anyone have the Comma Community download link for Linux? The page is down for me. 21:53
El_Che commaide.com/download 21:54
lizmat commaide.com/download/community/linux
indeed gives me an empty page
El_Che same
lizmat I know they're working on a new release atm
all download links are dead atm 21:55
El_Che I have the plugin (not the standalone version) here, but I don't know if some one has a shsum to verify the file integrity
lizmat I've pinged some people, pretty sure it will get resolved soon 21:56
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