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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Geth doc: 7b1ca20aca | (Peter du Marchie van Voorthuysen)++ | doc/Type/independent-routines.pod6
Talk about collections rather than containers

In Raku parlance, a container generally refers to a scalar container. Arrays and hashes are mutable _collections_ that store values in scalar containers. To avoid confusion it's better to refer to these composite types as collections.
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/independent-routines
doc: 81af5673db | (Peter du Marchie van Voorthuysen)++ | doc/Type/independent-routines.pod6
Stick to actual Rakudo signatures

In these cases it's probably not so bad to have less meaningful parameter names because these subroutines just implement indirection.
doc: cbc86d58d0 | (Peter du Marchie van Voorthuysen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Type/independent-routines.pod6
Merge pull request #3980 from dumarchie/master

Talk about collections rather than containers
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sm2 #raku-beginner 13:44
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patrickb my @foo; for <a b c> -> $a { @foo.push: -> { say $a } }; &@foo[0](); &@foo[1](); 15:27
evalable6 a
patrickb Wow. How did evalable know what I wanted to do?
Is it possible to put that $a into the block signature as a literal? 15:28
Somehow like this: my @foo; for <a b c> -> $a { @foo.push: -> {[$a]} { say $a } }; &@foo[0]("a"); 15:30
Or do I step into macro territory with that? 15:31
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tbrowder speaking of macs, i just fired up an old mac mini my son gave me, and it is now a virgin installation ready for a raku install, with git, emacs, etc. 17:00
can anyone recommend a good book on mac os for linux users? 17:01
El_Che I don't think a book is needed 17:03
you'll spend most of the time making the environment tolerable for developing :)
install homebrew so you can get rakudo and lots of utils 17:04
this may interest you: podman.io/blogs/2021/09/06/podman-on-macs.html 17:05
with podman you can run docker containers
On more complex projects I have a script to launch containers with e.g. mysql and keycloak 17:06
so I can run more complicated tests
(I hide those with a env AUTHOR_TESTING)
I develop like that on linux, and this week I was sitting on macos and could not run those extended tests
so now I have workaround :) 17:07
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El_Che so, there you go, my verbosity looks like the beginning of a book :) 17:14
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tbrowder t’anks! El_Che 17:31
ugexe i just use rakubrew on linux, mac, and windows 17:59
even if I only ever used one installation i would still do it this way
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perryprog And depending on how strict you like the unix philosophy, you may find macports preferable, but homebrew is generally more popular (homebrew is what I use) 18:19
But besides that the linux-macos transition is usually pretty easy 18:20
El_Che tbrowder: I have a common .profile and .bashrc for my linux and mac machines 18:21
tbrowder: I do a if [ $HOME == "/home/$USER" ]; then ... else ... fi for macos specific things 18:23
I used to put specific macos ssh-add config there, but knowadays I let keepassxc connect to ssh-agent on desktop linux and macos 18:25
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CIAvash patrickb: I don't know what you are trying to do exactly, but do you mean something like this: `my @foo; for <a b c> -> $a { @foo.push: -> $ where * eqv $a { say $a } }; @foo[0]('a')` or do you need it to be compile-time? 18:40
patrickb CIAvash: Yes, that's what I was aiming for. 18:43
See cro.services/docs/reference/cro-ht..._resources I have static stuff in <css img js> and was trying to not having to copy the block three times. 18:45
tbrowder El_Che: i use bash on linux, is that avail? 18:47
looks like you use a diff user name on the 2 hosts… 18:48
or 18:49
lizmat tbrowder: you can also just install Debian on a MacMini :-) 18:53
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tbrowder i know, but i want the mac os so i can see problems my classmates have with my website. they say they can’t see it because of TLS cert probs. 18:55
lizmat I see... ok :-)
tbrowder if you get a chance could you please see if you on a mac can browse to <usafa-1965.org> successfully? 18:57
my mac guys are not comp savvy enough to give me great clues on their problems. 18:58
the site uses tls for login to a private area but most of the site is accessible to all on windows and linux. just mac ppl report NO access anywhere. 19:02
*tls private site cert with individual user keys 19:04
also with the mac i hope to add a novice mac user for raku to the rakoon club 19:06
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lizmat tbrowder++ 19:07
tbrowder or should that really be “rakuun”?
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El_Che tbrowder: bash is available, but zsh is now the default 19:09
I keep using bash though 19:10
and different users is no problm, use the $USER bariable
CIAvash patrickb: I think there may be different ways to tackle it, maybe: `sub f ($resource, *@path) { dd $resource, @path }; my @resources = <css img js>.map: { &f.assuming: $_ }; @resources[0]('a')`
El_Che I also have different users, the mac is managed by it
whatnext hi all :) today I have a maths question. Probably I am doing sthg goofy, however, I have some code like this: `$m = $a / $b; say "$a $b $m";` with results like `14 16 0.0625`. Obviously `14/16` is not `0.0625` so I wonder what is going on? Something to do with types? dividing with the wrong char? Anyone shed any light? :) 19:11
tellable6 2021-11-11T01:04:03Z #raku <SmokeMachine> whatnext Would you mind to test it? I think it will make your code work (I still have a lot to review and probably fix, but probably that problem Is fixed): github.com/FCO/Red/pull/526
[Coke] m: my $a=14; my $b=16; my $m = $a / $b; say "$a $b $m" 19:16
camelia 14 16 0.875
[Coke] ^^ Either your golf missed a step or you have a very broken raku
whatnext lol.. it's pretty weird I have to say - certainly wasn't expecting it 19:17
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[Coke] what do you get if you literally run the code in my example? 19:30
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japhb .0625 is 1/16 ... so I'm guessing a missing '4' somewhere. 19:44
CIAvash patrickb: so if I understood you correctly, the easiest way would be `get -> $resource where <css img js>.any, *@path { resource $resource, @path }` 19:51
patrickb CIAvash: Right. I didn't think of that, kinda obvious. Thanks! 19:52
El_Che did soneone take over the role of release manager? 20:23
for the 2021.11 release?
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lizmat not yet 20:24
I seem to recall ggoebel expressed interest
El_Che: are you volunteering ?
El_Che I wisg 20:25
sadly, no 20:26
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bartolin tbrowder: regarding the potential TLS problem with your site: This smells like a problem with an expired Root Certificate that is still referenced by your Let's Encrypt certificate. This is a somewhat complex, but IMHO this blog post explains it quite good: scotthelme.co.uk/lets-encrypt-old-...xpiration/ 21:04
tbrowder: As far as I understand that particular problem will affect mostly (some) old clients. But maybe that's the case here. You can see the problem with the following command: 'echo QUIT | openssl s_client -connect usafa-1965.org:443 -showcerts'. The last certificate in the chain refers to the expired DST Root CA X3. (quite OT, but since I read about this topic in September I thought I could mention it ...) 21:13
tbrowder bartolin: thnx, i remember that thread from earlier but decided i couldn’t do much about it at the moment. 21:14
i did a tldr on the link, but i don’t think there is anything i can do for my friends if they have probs. 21:16
but, duh, i haven’t yet tried access from my own mini (i mutter as i slap forehead)!….. 21:18
bartolin probably not. Let's Encrpyt offers an alternative chain, but old clients will probably have problems with that as well (if the expired cert is the culprint). Upgrading the clients is the real solution. 21:19
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japhb bartolin: If only device vendors supported updates to older devices .... :-( 21:40
perryprog pretty sure macOS has a basic workaround for manually trusting a newer CA 21:41
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perryprog I /think/ (take this with a large grain of salt) you should just be able to download the cross-signed .pem for ISRG Root X1 on letsencrypt.org/certificates/ and drag-and-drop that into Keychain Acess 21:47
see also 21:49
see also* community.letsencrypt.org/t/this-c...ty/13878/2
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El_Che the only real solution for old clients that don't receive updates, like old phones. is root them and install a supported os 21:56
patrickb How can I coerce a Str to an enum of the same name? 21:57
timo m: say Bool::{"True"} 21:58
camelia True
patrickb timo: Thanks 22:02
tbrowder perryprog: thnx, i can probably help the guys with that after i check out on my mac. BUT i powered up my mac when i left here at 1518 and it’s now 1602 and the progress bar under the apple looks complete but no further action! 22:07
the display, ms, and kb are on a kvm switch and it all powered up intially on it just fine…bummer 22:08
perryprog tbrowder is that an update progress bar or just the "I'm rebooting" progress bar? 22:11
if it's an update one, it can take quite some time. Otherwise I'd give it another hour before hard restarting it.
El_Che my it-managed mac has an 18h record on an update (on a fast line) 22:13
(I upgrade my work ubuntu way faster than that :) ) 22:14
tbrowder: in case you need to reinstall it, mac have a nice bootmode where you can reinstall it from the internet 22:15
tbrowder ok, thx. so do you usually lv it powered on? i don’t normally power down except when leaving for for days away from home. 22:17
perryprog Yeah I usually leave a mini powered on 22:18
El_Che during the update, yes. Normally: no. It's laptop that I don't use often
tbrowder and this is a brand new xperience fr me
El_Che it's fun 22:25
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