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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
SmokeMachine If someone would like to help: gist.github.com/FCO/8ad2bd4cc3723e...e1690ed9df 00:01
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tbrowder timo wins pun-of-the-day imho 00:09
if bad post and bad english are not allowed i will pull mine now before the fact 00:11
besides, my procrastinion gene is throbbing... 00:12
gfldex You should have waited for the proper spelling to emerge. :-> 00:13
tbrowder it couldn't weight because it was too heavy 00:18
time for a beer...this is ruining whatever rep i have left... 00:19
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[Coke] SmokeMachine: your english here seems fine; if you want someone to edit your article, I'd volunteer (and I'm sure many others would too) 01:38
SmokeMachine [Coke]: thank you! So, if you have same time to take a look at it: gist.github.com/FCO/8ad2bd4cc3723e...e1690ed9df 01:45
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japhb Xliff: Nope. It took me two days to reply because I've been a tad busy. :-) 05:05
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samebchase Why does: 06:25
m: (1, -> $a { $a + 1 } ... *)[^7]; 06:26
camelia ( no output )
samebchase m: say (1, -> $a { $a + 1 } ... *)[^7];
camelia (1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
samebchase , but
m: say ((DateTime.new(:2021year, :11month, :30day), -> $a { $a + Duration.new(:1days) } ... *)[^7])
camelia (2021-11-30T00:00:00Z 2021-11-30T00:00:00Z 2021-11-30T00:00:00Z 2021-11-30T00:00:00Z 2021-11-30T00:00:00Z 2021-11-30T00:00:00Z 2021-11-30T00:00:00Z)
samebchase I am looking for a sequence of increasing Dates, but I'm getting the same one
could someone help me understand what I am doing wrong? 06:27
Got the issue, Duration deals in seconds, and does not support the (fictional) API that I thought it had 06:42
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moritz_ samebchase: do you actually need DateTime? 'cause there's a Date class as well 07:09
m: say Date.today() + 1
camelia 2021-11-30
moritz_ m: say (Date.today() ... *).head(5) 07:10
camelia (2021-11-29 2021-11-30 2021-12-01 2021-12-02 2021-12-03)
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samebchase moritz_: yes, I'm using Date now. Realised that it supports these kinds of operations, thanks 🙏 07:37
moritz_ you're welcome 07:42
Xliff \o 07:52
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elcaro samebchase: also, if you want to create a Seq of DateTime that increase or decrease by some arbitrary amount, use the .later or .earlier methods 08:04
m: say (DateTime.now, *.later(:1hour) ... *)[^3]
camelia (2021-11-29T09:04:14.489868+01:00 2021-11-29T10:04:14.489868+01:00 2021-11-29T11:04:14.489868+01:00)
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samebchase elcaro: I was looking for something like that! TIL 10:24
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SmokeMachine Would someone like to review/prof read my attempt to write a advent calendar post? gist.github.com/FCO/8ad2bd4cc3723e...e1690ed9df 11:52
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2021/11/29/symetric-code/ 11:59
timo gfldex: where did you get "we are calling Z," from? 12:02
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gfldex github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast....pm6#L1599 12:03
If you allow lizmat to be clever, she will. :D 12:04
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timo but Z, uses ZipIterables and X uses CrossIterables 12:05
SmokeMachine: i would disagree with the statement that the text is "already too big for a single post" :) 12:06
gfldex ohh, I atually meant X,
timo that makes sense :D 12:07
SmokeMachine timo: so you think I should continue or remove that phrase?
timo you can keep the phrase but make the post longer :D
gfldex seeks out some caffeine 12:08
timo afkbbl
SmokeMachine timo: I'l try to find some time to make it longer, thanks
timo SmokeMachine: is there any way to generate stuff in multiple models from just one factory? like create a post in the posts table and a bunch of tags to go with it in the tags table or something? 12:09
doesn't seem like factory is set up to handle more than one model though
SmokeMachine timo: yes, it does! github.com/FCO/RedFactory#readme 12:10
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gfldex weekly: github.polettix.it/ETOOBUSY/2021/1...dd-binary/ 12:10
notable6 gfldex, Noted! (weekly)
gfldex weekly: github.polettix.it/ETOOBUSY/2021/1...ion-table/
notable6 gfldex, Noted! (weekly)
SmokeMachine (I should replace that `factory-args` with `.args-to:`) 12:13
timo: by yes it does I mean: yes, it can generate the model and its relationships 12:14
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SmokeMachine timo: it uses Red's Model.^create that already handles that 12:14
timo: with Red, if you do: `Person.^create: :name<Fernando>, :posts[%(:title<bla>, :body<blabla>), %(:title<ble, :body<bleble>)]` it will create the person Fernando and both posts using Fernando as author 12:17
(if you have a `@.posts` relationship on Person) 12:18
*:title<ble> 12:19
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timo does factory-args $num-of-posts, "post" know that .posts is an array relationship and the first argument is how many of the model "post" it will create? 13:49
or rather from the factory "post" 13:50
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SmokeMachine timo: almost that... if you call factory-args with a int and any factory name it will return an array with `factors-args("post") xx $num-of-posts` 14:09
timo nice 14:16
so just factory-args Str:D, *@foo *%bar vs factory-args Int:D, Str:D, *@foo, *%bar
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SmokeMachine Tino, yes, that’s it! 14:40
timo: github.com/FCO/RedFactory/blob/mai...kumod#L114 14:42
qorg11 What is 'Mu'exactly? is it a class where all the other classes are based?
timo indeed 14:43
Xliff Yes
timo the majority of classes you'll encounter are based on Any, which derives from Mu
but Junction actually derives from Mu rather than Any
qorg11 I see, thanks! 14:44
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SmokeMachine timo: does that make sense? 14:54
timo i think it does 14:56
tbrowder polettix: i like yr blog content as well as its scaffolding . any problem with my copying and using it with my own stuff (without any of your musings of course)? 15:02
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Geth ecosystem: afd2264993 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Update (semi-)recent module adoptions
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2021/11/29/2021-...sdem-2022/ 18:33
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Skarsnik Hello. Is there a place to repport comma lta/bug thing? x) 20:18
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lizmat good question... I think (oddly enough) that the #cro channel, or the #moarvm channel would be a good place, outside of this one 20:24
[Coke] commaide.com/ - I see [email@hidden.address] suggested for a few different things, don't see a bug queue.
commaide.com/ - I see info@commaide.com suggested for a few different things, don't see a bug queue.
Skarsnik Like it create .p6/pm6 files x)
[Coke] what lizmat said, I know some of the devs are here on IRC
lizmat Skarsnik: I see to recall that you could set it somewhere to create "new" style raku files 20:26
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Guest65 hi! 20:36
I can't find rakudo GPG key to check signature. Please help. 20:37
$ gpg --verify --keyid-format long rakudo-moar-2021.10-01-linux-x86_64-gcc.tar.gz.asc rakudo-moar-2021.10-01-linux-x86_64-gcc.tar.gz
gpg: Signature made Mon 25 Oct 2021 10:18:13 MSK
gpg:                using RSA key 45BEAFAD5BCDBB01
gpg: Can't check signature: No public key
Skarsnik Probably need to add some server with the key? 20:46
Guest65 it is reported as bug github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4642 20:48
[Coke] tikolu.net/emojimix/%F0%9F%A7%90+%F0%9F%94%AE ooooh
[Coke] cheats and finds: tikolu.net/emojimix/%F0%9F%92%80+%F0%9F%92%80 20:50
perryprog nice one
I'm partial to tikolu.net/emojimix/🎧+🥑 20:51
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[Coke] ha! 20:54
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El_Che lizmat: is a released planned soon (with the release manager vacancy)? (So I block some time to release new packages) 21:43
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Skarsnik I am always confused, how I have a grammar stop when everything is captured? x) 21:51
El_Che hammer-time()
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Skarsnik I have something like token TOP { 21:56
<asm-comment> | <instruction> <.ws>* <asm-comment>* | <instruction-line> <.ws>* <asm-comment>*
} Do I need to match a end of data somehow?
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japhb Skarsnik: when you match against a grammar using .parse, it's implicitly anchored to the start and end, IIRC. 22:02
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Skarsnik What I mean is the code is stuck in parse but it matched an instruction (I made is parse 'lda 42') according to Grammar::Tracer, but it just does no go futher 22:06
japhb What are you expecting it to parse next? A comment, or an additional instruction, or ...? 22:08
Skarsnik nothing, just stop 22:09
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Nemokosch so it keeps hanging? 22:10
japhb Are you parsing "lda 42" or "lda 42\n"? 22:11
Skarsnik lda rules does not work properly anyways, I tried with a just simple rtl (token instruction:sym<rtl> {'rtl'}) this match properly but again, it stop trying matching stuff and hang 22:19
hu, if I replace the <.ws>* by \s* this work correctly 22:45
\o/ 22:51
this confuse me, anyways time to bed :( 22:52
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Nemokosch > The default ws matches zero or more whitespace characters, as long as that point is not within a word (in code form, that's regex ws { <!ww> \s* }): 23:04
Skarsnik Yes, I can read the doc, but I still don't get it while replacing with just \s* works. like 'lda' <.ws>* <ABSOLUTE> does not work, but 'lda' \s* <ABSOLUTE> work and we are outside the word (lda) after the lda string match 23:15
timo tikolu.net/emojimix/🐌+🙈 23:16
Skarsnik lol the snail monkey 23:17
Nemokosch What you wrote down is rather vague 23:19
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timo tikolu.net/emojimix/🤔+😰 this is amazing how does it work 23:20
Skarsnik m:say "lda 42" ~~ /lda<ws>*\d+/
evalable6 (signal SIGHUP) «timed out after 10 seconds» 23:21
Skarsnik why does that even timeout xD
japhb Skarsnik: Do you need to quantify <.ws> at all? I believe it is already internally quantified, which means you're effectively doing zero-or-more of zero-or-more, and then ... infinite loop 23:22
Skarsnik Hooo
right x)
Nemokosch so apparently neither of us can read the doc 🤣 23:23
Skarsnik (maybe this should warn or something)
japhb timo: Google's emoji team drew all the combos by hand for a feature in their messaging products.
perryprog one of the few times I've been jealous of a feature in a google product 23:24
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timo *damn* that must be a *lot* of work 23:24
japhb Oh yeah.
timo i thought this was using some algorithmic approach, which would have been mind-blowing 23:25
Nemokosch like... regex ws { <!ww> \s* }
\s* be like
timo but hand-made is also good
japhb ISTR they did them in blocks of like 300-400 combos with each point release or somesuch.
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timo a lot of creativity on display here 23:25
perryprog oh my goodness tikolu.net/emojimix/🤔+🤔
japhb Yeah, definitely.
perryprog a lot of the ones for combining two of the same are really good
Skarsnik perryprog, nice one :)
Ok tommorow is fun time: generating all the instruction token :) 23:26
Nemokosch tikolu.net/emojimix/%F0%9F%AA%84+%F0%9F%A4%AC 23:27
timo wow with that magic wand you can get the original blob emoji 23:39
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