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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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guifa is $*LANG.define_slang( 'MAIN', $*LANG.slang_grammar('MAIN').^mixin(…), $*LANG.slang_actions('MAIN').^mixin(…) ); still the correct way to do a slang? I've tried it (even c&p code from recently published modules) but it doesn't seem to catch the new tokens 04:42
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guifa ah it is. silly me, tried to do a metamodel using export package and a slang using the export sub in the same file 05:54
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Geth doc: 925c382e4f | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/functions.pod6
Fix English grammar
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/functions
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lizmat drops a pin 15:16
perryprog shhhhh this is a library 15:33
japhb Gotta watch out for those pins, someone could step on them! I mean, probably nothing compared to stepping on a Lego, but .... 15:34
perryprog or a d4
japhb *wince* Yeah, definitely. Those things are basically caltrops.
vrurg In my childhood it was widely believed that pin's tiny end can travel the blood vessels all the way up to the heart. So, stepping over one was never an option! :) 15:35
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japhb Oof, yeah I can imagine. 15:40
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guifa MasterDuke I was able to get a custom method declarator that uses a custom language for processing. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to call a method on the parent package so I could attach it in some way 16:19
[Coke] gets a new windows laptop which is still having trouble displaying the topic in this channel. 16:47
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guifa oh, wow. Didn't realize $*PACKAGE woudl be available during that phase of the actions. NM. MasterDuke: I've got it figured out now for our custom slangs :D :D :D 17:19
guifa does a happy dance 17:29
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cetjs what is gsoc ideas? 21:40
guifa google school of code 21:50
lizmat s/school/summer ? 21:51
guifa err yeah 21:52
lizmat++ 21:53
SmokeMachine guifa: could you share the code for custom method with custom language, please?!
guifa err
I sent it to the wrong person
I got you and MasterDuke mixed up for some reason
.oO( who do you have to kill now? )
guifa . o O ( MasterDuke probably is wondering why I sent him a long message in Portuguese )
gfldex guifa: Did you create a Portuguese slang for Raku? 21:57
guifa gfldex: one of these days maybe :-) 21:59
gfldex both me and SmokeMachine have been developing regex like languages, but the annoying bit has been making integrating them into code
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MasterDuke heh, i was pretty sure there was a mixup 23:03
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abdan How do we perform alternate capturing group consist of some alternates just like on the "usual" regex default i.e. not get reset ? 23:58