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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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tonyo tbrowder: should have the oauth cro app part of the tut up tomorrow, still working through some flows and learning a little bit of cro 06:23
El_Che tonyo: are you adding oauth2/oidc support to cro? If so: hero 06:57
tonyo yea
El_Che hero then
tonyo well, i'm not writing a module for it but i'm making a tut
that could easily be a module (i guess)
El_Che idd 06:58
I have some experience with the server side
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Geth ecosystem: 652aee61f3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove JSON::JWT

It now lives in the zef ecosystem
ecosystem: f00c254b14 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze DateTime::Format

While we move it to the zef ecosystem
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Geth ecosystem: 4c8f712ade | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze App::Nopaste

While we're moving it to the zef ecosystem
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Anton Antonov @lizmat Thank you for your quick response on my Acme::Text::UpsideDown bug report. Gathering corresponding symbol pairs is not that easy… 12:34
To me at least …
lizmat Yeah... it's pretty messy...perhaps the "uw" script installed by uniname-words can help ? 12:37
glad to have someone else do that :-) 12:38
Anton Antonov @lizmat Yes, I did look at uniname-words few weeks/months ago -- vert useful. 13:02
Precisely for the upside-down mappings being messy. 13:03
*"very useful", not "vert useful"...
lizmat :-)
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Geth ecosystem: 734e351eb1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze Pastebin::Shadowcat

While we move it to the zef ecosystem
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p6steve help 17:40
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p6steve hi - I recall a comment some time back that someone needs to adopt Inline::Python ... is it being actively maintained? 17:45
Voldenet nope 17:47
I've tried using it and it just had to copy whole thing and install local version 17:48
with some modifications, like explicit construction/destruction
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p6steve yes - i have been successful - needs exclude="python3" otherwise ok on 2021.05 17:52
had to go --force-test on 2022.02
(so my workaround has been use 2021.15 or --force-test) 17:54
now I am hitting some "real" issues...
(ie. real for my project to connect to Python Pandas) 17:55
I am tempted to roll up my sleeves and try and fix myself ... is there any design doc (or "how it works" blogs) out there? 17:57
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lizmat p6steve: no, but I'm pretty sure nine will be helping you if you take this on! 18:02
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p6steve @lizmat - I have been tempted to put in for a TPF development grant for a couple of things ... but noted the prerequisite to be a core raku contributor ... would adoption of Inline::Python qualify? 18:07
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lizmat where is that prerequisite mentioned? 18:08
but yeah, I'd think that an application by you would qualify
although I can't really say, as I'n not on the Grant Committee anymore
p6steve news.perlfoundation.org/post/call_...s_jan_2022 18:09
The applicant must be a contributor to the Raku language specification or one of its implementations.
The application must be endorsed by one or more people in Raku Steering Council.
lizmat a. having several prominent Raku modules out there *and* blogging about it, makes you a contributor (whether you like that or not :-) 18:11
b. You are hereby endorsed by me
Voldenet I don't know how helpful it will be, but Inline::Python is mostly pyhelper.c and thin wrapper over it, the whole thing is under 1k LOC 18:12
p6steve anyway - either way I need to work out if I have the skills as I get closer to the metal ... so I will dig in and try and fix (probably needing some help) and PR back if I get on OK
codesections "You are hereby endorsed by me" me to! (though feel free to email [email@hidden.address] if you want something other than an IRC log :) )
"You are hereby endorsed by me" me to! (though feel free to email rsc@raku.org if you want something other than an IRC log :) )
p6steve only then will I be able to judge the sensibleness of adoption 18:13
codesections also, I agree that "core contributor" is/should be very broad there, and would cover you
p6steve oh - excellent - thanks!
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tonyo i should write a grant for doing a module test grid/harness for different oses+rakudo versions 18:38
p6steve raku -v 18:41
nine p6steve: in short, Inline::Python hasn't seen development in probably 5 years, except for a few hours to port it to Python 3. 18:42
p6steve: what it needs is someone looking at Inline::Perl5 and porting that to Inline::Python. Most importantly the way it creates wrapper classes for Perl packages which are a huge part of making integration seamless and for giving decent performance. 18:44
p6steve @nine yes, I remember seeing that comment too in the past
nine Inline::Perl5 probably looks quite large in comparison, but that's because for performance reasons there's a lot of duplicated code (e.g. a generic way to call methods and then special ways for methods with 0, 1 and 2 arguments)
p6steve hmmm - 8.8k vs. 2.1k ;-) 18:48
(using githib gloc to count total lines) 18:49
@nine - I think the best start anyway is for me to fix my problem and PR it on the current base since i would need to learn how the current one works before i woul dbe able to consider a porting effort 18:51
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guifa has held off on applying for grants for the same reason 22:52
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