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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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leont That's not yet implemented, and that's getting in my way too 00:16
reol i took a look at the implementation
i havent worked with libuv but i suppose it is similar to libev(ent). exposing AF_UNIX would probably be fairly simple 00:18
but i also found bugs in the current implementation
leont #moarvm may be the better channel for questions about that
epony next invention, generic and anon sockets ;-) 00:23
types: P- Q- R- S- T- types 00:24
reol is there an API to check the errno of failed socket ops?
epony the idea behind those socket types is to simulate digital electronics with logic functions and triggers built on them as distributed nodes 00:25
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Geth ecosystem/main: 29cb898a7a | (Nick Logan)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Update Grammar::HTTP url
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El_Che listening to leont while working :) 09:32
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El_Che a friendly 55 minutes rant :P 09:33
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Anton Antonov @El_Che Yeah, I watched that talk a second time. 11:00
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leont Worst part is, there were still things I forgot to rant about :-p 11:21
Fortunately, I already have an idea for next time that is less ranty, whenever that will be 11:22
lizmat perhaps we should organize an online rantathon ? 11:31
Geth ecosystem/main: 7386ade377 | (Nick Logan)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Update Net::HTTP
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Anton Antonov @lizmat Yes rantathons. 🙂 And we can host the rants in "raku.stan". (Together with the camelCase modules.) 12:00
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ugexe Strange, I'm getting a "Cannot assign to an immutable value" on Windows but not macOS 12:21
error: ci.appveyor.com/project/ugexe/perl...0987#L1366
line 60: github.com/ugexe/Perl6-CompUnit--R...akumod#L60
lizmat could you run it with spesh disabled ? 12:35
p6steve where's the best place for a raku module Build.pm to install a custom lib.so (unix only for now)? 12:48
ugexe p6steve: declare it in meta6 under 'resources' as `libraries/lib`, and then have Build.pm generate the file to resources/libraries/ 12:51
tellable6 ugexe, I'll pass your message to p6steve
ugexe files under resources/libraries will have their name changed as system appropriate, so on linux 'lib' would create 'liblib.so', or 'Foo' would generate libFoo.so 12:52
see Inline::Perl5's libraries/p5helper meta6.json entry
lizmat: same error from CI with MVM_SPESH_DISABLE=1 12:53
p6steve ugexe: thanks - I'll take a look 12:54
lizmat ugexe: maybe something is binding to meta<files> somewhere instead of assigning, possibly dependent on OS ? 12:55
src/core.c/Distribution/Path.pm6 12:56
18: %!meta<files> := my %files;
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ugexe there isn't any os dependent code in the module itself at least 12:58
well there is one minor thing but its unrelated
lizmat well, Distribution::Path appears to be binding ? 13:02
disclaimer: I only looked at the rak search output
ugexe but i'd expect windows and non-windows systems to behave he same 13:03
lizmat agree 13:05
I guess the only way to find out what's in there, is to actually put debug code in there that shows what's in there blocking the assignment 13:06
ugexe class Foo is Distribution::Path { submethod TWEAK(|) { self.meta<files> := self.meta<files>.hash; } }; say Foo.new($*CWD).meta<files> 13:19
evalable6 {}
ugexe that doesn't reproduce the error
lizmat if you change that bind in Distribution::Path to an assignent, does it go away ? 13:28
afk for a few hours& 13:29
tonyo m: class F00 is Distribution::Path { submethod TWEAK(|) { self.meta<files> = self.meta<files>.hash; }}; say F00.new($*CWD).meta<files> 13:45
camelia No meta file located at /home/camelia/META6.json
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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ugexe lizmat: it works if i change that := to = on line 60 14:35
tbrowder tonyo: have you seen my new issue for Text::CSV::LibCSV? does it make sense? 14:39
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ugexe if the Lib.rakumod code does `self.meta<files> :=` instead of `self.meta<files> =` it works 15:18
github.com/ugexe/Perl6-CompUnit--R...7fcca101fa 15:21
although i still dont understand that is needed for Windows but not linux/macos
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Geth ecosystem/main: ada8de8aa1 | (Nick Logan)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Add CompUnit::Repository::Lib
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stevied anyone familiar with the github.com/Raku/Documentable module? 18:45
seems pretty badly broken. not sure if it's maintained or not 18:46
doesn't seem to download the correct files it needs to set it up
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[Coke] The main maintainer stepped away. Its used as part of the doc site build, but I think there's currently a branch for that. 19:51
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[Coke] Can you check if there's a bug for the specific issue you're seeing? 20:07
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Geth__ Raku-Steering-Council/20220908: 6c65c612ce | (Daniel Sockwell)++ | announcements/20220908.md
Create 20220908.md

  (This commit ammends/replaces a previous commit that mistated the
durration of the probationary period due to a typo/thinko/mental lapse.)
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